Life gets going a little tough at times. The pain and misery of walking alone through difficult phases of life are quite evidently known by everyone. In such times, we wished we had support that could let us pass through our tryst with ease.

Be it in the form of a friend or a special one, we always hoped we found that one person who could beat all of our sadness to see us smile. It is a definite heart-warming feeling to have someone who cares about you in love. Someone we could call our partner.

A relationship binds two people in a special way. It brings them closer, and this helps the sharing of feelings become boundless and easy. And in the middle of this sharing and togetherness, at times the bonds become hazy and weak.

There comes a time where partners lie. Lying is a habit or personality trait all of us are acquainted with. Starting from stealing cookies from the kitchen to lying to the teacher, it is a known habit. Except for in a relationship, It is a terrible feeling and ruins the happiness of yours as well as the people around you.

Here is why you should never lie to your partner:

Guilt becomes a friend


Guilt is a sick feeling for every person. Realizing your mistakes in an event is probably one of the most gut-wrenching feelings you will ever experience. When you lie to your partner, there is always a part of your mind that feels guilt.

You start feeling an unexpected emptiness that engulfs you. It robs you of your peace and holds you back every time you are together. You cannot live life to the fullest, and it feels vague with a sense of uncertainty.

And we know uncertainty is an aspect that can kill off any good thing about a relationship. So always make it a point to be open to your partner about anything.

 Honesty is no longer the best policy


A relationship is a bridge between the minds of two people. It is a symbol of a consistent belief between two people. When you start lying to your partner about a certain thing, you are inevitably posing a question to your beliefs if you really are honest with that person.

Honesty is one of the purest forms of establishing faith in each other. Honesty is the one way that allows you to be free with your partner without any efforts.

With lying, honesty is hampered, and you now are not sure what to say to your partner which is very harmful to your relationship.

 Happiness is no longer in your togetherness


Once you lie, you will have a dark dimension that has affected your happiness when you are together. Happiness is a subtlety that freely flows when you can be yourself.

This is not the case once you lie to your partner. There will always be a background feeling where you will have regret and remorse. This negates the positive feeling that you may have when you are together with your partner.

Without happiness, a relationship will feel dragged and forced. This will have a negative impact on you and your partner as well. Your partner will sense the air of gloominess due to this and the results, well, that is easy to estimate.

So lying to your partner will worsen things in your relationship by ripping apart your happiness and peace.

 The fear of the lie being exposed


The fear of the fact that one day your lie might just be discovered by your partner might crush you. Eventually, the truth will always win the duel as goes the saying.

Every time you lie, you have a risk of the fact that your partner finds out about the truth. When this happens, you will be filled with shame and you might as well lose your friendship with the partner along with ruining the relationship.

Lies are momentarily life-saving, but in the long run, you are taking more risks than you ever took in any task. So it is better to refrain from lying to your partner to avoid the possible collateral damages you might incur in doing such.

 Love is lost


It is a very important thing to remember that a relationship is just the background occurrence of love. It doesn’t define love. However, relationships built on love are also influential in love. So if you are putting a relationship with your partner in jeopardy, you are risking losing love too.

If you lie to your partner about something, it will affect your mentality and conscience. When your partner finds out about the lie, the disappointment he/she faces might just hurt them deeply. This will directly subject your love life to severe stress.

Love is a pure thing that can get adulterated by lies and disbelief. When you lie to your partner, love gets a question from your end too. And when love is a question, will happiness ever exist, let alone consider relationships?

The proud feelings are nowhere to be found


It is a natural fact that partners feel proud about being in a relationship. A relationship is new hope for some souls who have lost everything in life. So when they finally have something worth their time and vigor, they cherish every act in love.

They immortalize every moment of ecstasy and love. They remember every second of the time they spend with their partners. If you are not honest and lying, this will hurt their sentiments. They will no longer feel that sense of pride they had when you used to be their most trustworthy person.

In other words, every value they had for the relationship and every ounce of respect they had for the love will be at risk of nothingness. This is a good enough reason for you to refrain from lying to your partner.

Health issues

MHE Staff

When you lie, you tend to have a series of mental depression issues related to that single act of falsehood. You will no longer be able to think straight and slowly might just spiral down the dark paths of depression and solitude.

This might impact your health adversely. So try to avoid lying as much as possible. The truth is the best way of speaking to your partner in any condition.

Lying is a common thing. It may be harmless after all. But lying is only an option when it doesn’t involve any harms or risks to personal happiness and other people’s happiness.

Lying to friends on a fickle aspect may not be a cause of worry, but in the case of relationships, it is definitely the better way to be as crystal clear as possible about your thoughts and doings to avoid any occurrence of conflict and distrust. Be truthful to yourself.

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