Who Wants More sex – A man or A Woman?

Who wants more sex? Man or a woman. It’s been a matter of debate for quite a while now. There can be many answers to these questions however after numerous researches it has been found that both the genders crave sex equally.

Trust me; it’s not me who is saying this, but various researchers state that women can enjoy sex as much as men. Sex Drive is influenced by different factors, “Men and Women travel slightly different to arrive at sexual desire”.

Let’s check the reasons, and then you can decide for yourself.

1. Defining Sex

Who Wants More sex – A man or A Woman?
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For Men, sex is simpler and straightforward. That’s the way they show their loving, tender, vulnerable side, unlike Women’s desire which is more contextual, more emotional, and extremely sensitive.

Sex is an activity that stimulates positive feelings in both men and women and has splendid biological and psychological benefits. It helps in showing affection and appreciation towards each other and makes the couple feel more attracted to each other.

Women have chemicals that tell their brains to have a particular reaction to sex, such as attachment. A lot of women find that after having sex, they feel a certain amount of attachment to the other person.

This regardless of their intentions happens because an area of the brain which gets triggered during and after climax sends out chemicals that then trigger an emotional response.

2. Situation

Who Wants More sex – A man or A Woman?
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A gentle touch, romantic setting, porn(steamy scenes in movies), turn on men and escalates their sex drive while for most women steamy sexy scene of a movie is enough – and they are ready to go. Even talking about sex or just the act of being naked is good enough to turn on either gender.

Playing out fantasies and fetishes is one way of increasing sexual desires, and this has shown to improve relations between couples. Sex is an amazing way of expressing love, where you do it, and how you do it, it just makes it more fun.

3. Hormones

Who Wants More sex – A man or A Woman?
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Of course, they play a very dominant role in determining your interest. In sex, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone is released as well as needed. Also, Women often get horny when they are ovulating to initiate some action.

It is noticed that women prefer sex in higher temperatures and in the dark, while men are not picky about the temperature but prefer lovemaking in a bright environment.

This has a direct relation to hormones as certain temperatures trigger certain hormones and this makes the person feel more comfortable and turned on during intercourse.

Research has shown that sexual intercourse leads to partial or complete relief from a headache caused due to a migraine.

4. Stress

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Stress kills your sex drive; both Men and Women should timely take steps to manage stress because your body has a hard time switching from stress responses to sexual desires.

Research says that if a person is unable to sleep due to stress, it is better for them to have sex than to take sleeping pills. Intercourse causes relaxation-inducing hormone prolactin to be produced which helps in nodding off way faster than normal.

Oxytocin, also known as love hormone is released during orgasm, which also helps in improving sleep. Men and Women both enjoy elevated moods after sex, this not only improves their health but also increase their concentration.

Sex makes a person’s body release its natural chemicals that help in easing out stress and improve pleasure, self-esteem, and make the person feel calmer.

Research also shows that those who have sex respond better when they are subjected to stressful situations like workload and public speaking.

5. Health

Who Wants More sex – A man or A Woman?
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Researchers state that lazy people do not enjoy sex as much as active people do. Both Men and Women should take out time to keep them fit and active. The more sex a person has more likely will they want to keep doing it.

There is a mental connection as well as a physical one. It was noticed that men who had sex regularly were 45 percent less likely to develop heart-related problems than those people who did it only once a month or less.

Regular sex helps to improve blood flow, vaginal lubrication, and elasticity which makes sexual activity more fun. Also, a healthy diet is recommended, it can do wonders for your energy and your hormone balance.

Regular sexual intercourse has several benefits such as improve bladder control, reduce chances of prostate cancer, improve relationships between couples, and most of all improve immunity.

Scientists have proven that Sex uses about five calories per minute and is one of the most natural methods of exercising and burning calories.

Taking these points into consideration, it is safe to assume that both the genders are equally inclined towards sexual intercourse because of its benefits.

To live a happy and confident life, active sex life is a must. Feel sexy and love yourself, your rocking attitude will get you going.

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