Wedding Vows

Yes, there is much hype about love and people seem to think it as the ultimate goal of life, and why not, we all have heard love is patient; love is kind and much more wonderful lines which just take our heart away.

Making this love as an integral part of their life, many people have vowed to protect their beloved and be with them through sickness and through health and, but don’t you think these vows tend to become useless during the entire course of the marriage.

Today we present to you some practical marriage vows which will actually prove to be useful in allowing the marriage to last forever.

They might sound a bit unromantic however they certainly would help your marriage grow as well as your marriages succeed.

1. I will always let you know what I expect:

Wedding Vows
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Most of the marriages in the country tend to end because the two life partners aren’t able to match each other’s expectations.

Yes, you might think that there are ways to please your husband or to please your better half, however, what you don’t realize is the fact that there are many separate expectations locked away in each one’s head.

You cannot just assume what your partner wants; neither can your partner guess things while you live all covered in a tiny nutshell.

Therefore you ought to let each other know what you like what you dislike and occasionally do things that their mind or their heart wants.

2. I won’t let money come in between us:

Wedding Vows
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One of the major reasons leading to a failed marriage is finance. Before marriage, people are their own masters and do not owe an answer to anyone.

However, after marriage when they are responsible for another person, the other person begins questioning their spending.

Take a vow not to question your partner and trust him, until the time it becomes impossible to depend on him. You made a smart choice and married a smart man, don’t let things such as money ruin your relationship that easily.

3. I will take care of my hunger before fighting with you:

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Do your partner a favor and just go and eat your favorite sandwich when you are feeling angry over your partner. Finish the food and then come back and continue the fight in case you still wish to do it.

4. I promise you to stand by you even if you are wrong:

Wedding Vows
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Through your entire marriage, you and your spouse would face numerous critics as well as haters, however, don’t ever join them and start questioning your other half.

What lies between you too is the matter which can be sorted out at home; however, it is very ugly to see a man or a woman degrading their partners. Be their strength and don’t let any harm come to them.

5. I promise to try and give you a priority over children:

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This is one of the hardest decisions you would have to make, as your natural instinct is to care for the child first. You would be compelled to bite off your spouse’s head if he/she affects your child’s development in any manner.

However, you need to calm down and realize that there are times when you need to spend time as a couple and accomplish certain personal goals instead of paying attention to kid’s activity at all times.

6. I promise not to maintain a count:

Wedding Vows
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You cannot treat your marriage as a game and aim at being a winner at the same. Marriage isn’t a competition it is more of mutual understanding, and scorekeeping would help ruin it forever.

Yes, there are numerous times when you would fail, and he would succeed and vice versa, but in each of these times, you have to be with your partner and not criticize him.

You need to have a policy of forgetting and forgiving which would help you greatly during tough times.

You need to forget the good deeds you did, and you need to forgive some bad things he did, and as a result, you can expect your bad things to be forgotten too.

7. I promise to love you even if you are old, fat, or skinny:

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For this, you can imagine the fattest guy or girl you have ever seen with wiggly arms and a huge body.

You can also imagine googly eyes, hair falling, and other traits of getting old. Throughout your marriage, you shouldn’t be bothered by these factors.

Your attitude towards your loved ones shouldn’t change irrespective of the fact that their appearance has. You need to consider what’s in this inside rather than focussing on what’s outside.

8. I promise to keep you happy all the time:

Wedding Vows
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This I think is what love actually is. You subdue your goals; you bury down your emotions, and all that matters is that your spouse or your loved one has that beautiful smile on their face.

If each one of you does things that make the other happy, then trust us there is nothing that can ever affect your bond.

However don’t just become a soldier yourself and do things all the time which makes him happy, rather give him/her a chance so that they can do the same for you.

Following the tips mentioned above could lead to a long and healthy relationship. So the time you and your friend get married ask them to abide by these vows and they would definitely achieve the goal of ‘growing old together’.

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