Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You

Sex has the possibility of surprising you every time you do it. It has evolved from centuries and still maintained its natural integrity.

It is one of the topics of conversation which has always remained off-limits and taboo. Everyone does it, but no one openly discusses it with you. Whether you may be new to this activity or a seasoned veteran (if that is a thing), sex can become boring and dull.

From a time where you can’t keep your off of each other to the time when you barely do it or just do it for the sake of doing it. As said earlier that sex can always surprise you.

Here are some subtle (read kinky) and naughty ways in which you can spice up your sex life:

1. Change the venue

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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Sex in the bedroom is so cliché. It has been the prime spot for couples to be intimate since the dawn of time. It gives you privacy and offers the added advantage for you to sleep after sex. But since you are here to spice up your sex life, let us give you advice. Get out of the bedroom!

Try to have fun and be intimate outside your bedroom, but inside your house of course. Watch a movie and get going on the couch. Head to the kitchen and instead of food, make love. Shower, car, garage, hallway, balcony, or even the roof, you can have sex almost anywhere.

2. Toy Story

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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No, we are not talking about the movie. We are talking about sex toys. There are people who think using sex toys during sex diminishes the experience.

That is in no way the case. If anything, that is entirely opposite of what sex toys do. If you are thinking sex toys as just dildos and vibrators, then you are heavily un-informed.

There is a whole array of sex toys available in the market, for both men and women alike. Using toys like dildos, handcuffs, blindfolds or spanking paddle gives you and your partner a new sex experience. It reignites the heat and makes the activity a little exciting.

3. Live the Fantasy

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Every guy and the girl have a sex fantasy of their own. Be it a movie scene, a celebrity dressed as something specific, or just the regular daydreaming fantasy, everyone has something. And what greater gift for your partner than making their dream (fantasy in this case) become a reality. This not only checks one item off their bucket list, but it also spices up your sex life too. It makes you look good in front of your partner and don’t forget that soon he/she will be returning the favor too.

4. Acting and Role Playing

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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Let’s be honest; you can’t have sex with everybody you thought of. There are a porn star and actor hidden in all of us. Use that talent and your partner to fulfill your desires of having sex with a sexy maid or sexy nurse, a sexy doctor, a teacher, or the trending Harley Queen. Be the policeman or lawyer or the doctor she always wanted to have sex with. Make your performance even more legendary by using proper costumes, re-enacting famous movie scenes, and props (the toys). Soon this will become a tradition which you will do very often.

5. Try new positions

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It is time you put some new positions and moves in your sex inventory other than missionary and doggy style if you are trying to spice up your sex life because let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if your sex life didn’t lack excitement. There is even a book called Kama Sutra explicitly made for this purpose, and it is made in India too if you had any doubts. Read that book, consult the internet, or even use your own creative juices to make up some new positions to explore your partner. You can even buy it on Amazon.

6. Show your love to the world

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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Be that couple who everyone hates and admires simultaneously. Never mind the place or surroundings, be it a restaurant or a movie theatre or even in public places like parks and events, always show your love to your partner if you feel the need. There’s something about being raunchy and courteous at the same time which turns you on. Make out in public, bring her flowers, sing a song for her, do anything to make her feel special, and reap your rewards when you get home.

7. Love Olympics

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Whatever the name depicts, this activity should be between you and your partner only. Plan a game night with some erotic games like strip poker, sexy Jenga, sexy monopoly aka sexology; basically the sexy version of any game you could think of. Come up with your own rules and prizes. Have a little fun enjoying each other’s company and watching the heat turn up slowly as the game progresses.

8. Sexting

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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The longest foreplay there can be is Sexting. Sending your partner dirty texts and erotic images not only lightens your otherwise dull workday, but it also gives you a huge turn on. These are perfect for couples in which one partner or both partners work hard and long hours and come home exhausted. Doing foreplay over text saves you from the foreplay you would have to do at home and also gives you something to look forward to when you get home. Just imagine going home to a wife who was horny the whole day and waiting for you to get home.

9. Go on a date

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Finding an alone time when you have kids or have work to do or are genuinely busy is quite hard. There are many excuses to put it off, but you have to make the effort of creating a beautiful day with your partner and spending some quality alone time. After all, it all started out with a date only.

10. Watch porn together

Ways to Spice Up Sex Amongst You
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Watching porn together when your relationship is fairly new can go both ways, but when you are deep in love and have spent a considerable amount of time together, porn can prove to be the ice-breaker as well as lead to some very influenced and amazing sex. You could together roast the porn videos criticizing the scenes and acting; you can indulge in some playful teasing and sexy banter at each other and before you know your porn-watching session will turn into something else.

Sex is a beautiful, healthy, and natural activity that not only joins two people physically but also connects them on an emotional level. That is why it is called ‘Making Love’. Finding that one person with whom you can spend your whole life is the perfect dream everyone hopes to achieve and believe it or not, but sex is the first thing that takes your relationship forward when you are new to each other. So why not make the thing which bonded you together exciting and ever so special.

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