Protect yourself from being an emotional fool

One of the best and the worst things that can ever happen to anybody is being an emotional fool.

When an individual has spent days with something or someone which shines a bright light, and suddenly the situations turn around, this can become a life-changing event for that person.

Ups and downs are a constant part of life. One of the essential requirements of an individual’s growth is the willingness to poke around in these emotional and dark areas and awaken to the truth.

Here are some ways to which you can protect yourself from being a sentimental fool when life hits you.

1. Stop believing that your thoughts are a reality:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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It is the most shared and challenging phase faced by people who are emotionally weak. They do not believe in their views.

Emotionally weak people get attached to their or other people’s thoughts and trap themselves in believing that everything that goes inside the head is true.

So, if you want to face the real challenge and protect yourself from being an emotional fool, Stop believing that your thoughts are the reality. Challenge the negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

2. Confront your emotions:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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Figure out what you are feeling and try to understand your emotions. Sometimes we are unable to express what we are feeling and end up accusing others of making us feel so.

In this situation, you need to figure out what you are feeling so that you can gain control over it and protect yourself from becoming a fool.

3. Question yourself:

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When you feel a wave of emotions hitting you, ask yourself questions before reacting. Mentally asking yourself some questions will prevent you from reacting immediately.

Mentally making notes of some issues will also give you some time to understand the situation you are facing. Understanding the situation will always lead you to a healthy path as you will not become an emotional fool.

4. Stay alone for some time:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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When you are feeling low or irritated, allow yourself some time. Stay alone and do whatever makes you happy like reading books, listening to music, or sketching.

Staying alone will keep you away from the situation for a while and will make you control your emotions.  This act helps you to focus on something other than your anger and tears.

5. Talk to someone:

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If you find yourself stuck in a terrible situation, then approach someone who will understand you and will help you out.

Talking to someone who cares about you will always make you better, and you will throw away the unwanted anger and emotions.

If talking to your family or friends doesn’t help, then talk to a therapist. They will help you work through your emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

6. There are no shortcuts:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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If you want to protect yourself from becoming an emotional fool, then it’s high time that you should believe that there are no shortcuts for emotions.

Situations feel utterly saddening when they go wrong. During hard times, carefully planning your actions and choices will only make things better.

In most cases, you will find an alternative, but sometimes you will have to wait until the emotional dust settles down.

So finding a solution and preparing yourself accordingly will be the wisest thing to do. There are always paths to a successful outcome.

7. Accepting the truth:

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When you have been in an emotional trauma that is related to a broken relationship or friendship, it becomes very easy to get trapped in this emotional trap.

So stop compromising with yourself and your needs. Accept that the broken relationship is not just your fault and responsibility.

Get over it as soon as possible and let the truth surface you. It becomes less painful when you can determine what you need from the relationship. So accepting the truth is always going to be a wise decision.

8. Happiness lies within you:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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If you want to be happy and enjoy your life with all your heart. Stop believing that happiness lies outside you.

People spend a lot of time seeking happiness through relationships, power, appearance, and money. These are all short-term satisfactions.

If you want to protect yourself from getting hurt, Find your long term commitment and just remember your most extended commitment is you.

The moment you start being happy with yourself and start being content, that is the time when nobody can ever break you.

9. Stop believing that it will never happen to you:

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The worst mistake one can commit is thinking that bad things will never happen to him/her. It is the negative illusions you are making in your head.

When you have power, you feel that no tragedy or misfortune will ever hit you. It is very wrong. Bad things happen to all of us.

It is very rare if anyone escapes life without experiencing pain or loss. So start accepting that bad thing can happen and will happen.

Open your heart for yourself and others. Having faith in yourself in spite of the bad things happening with you will always help you in coping up and healing faster.

10. You can’t control everything:

Protect yourself from being an emotional fool
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People think that after achieving something they can monitor their lives but this is extremely wrong. Nobody can every control everything in their life especially when it comes to emotions.

Sometimes controlling things extend to their relationships too and they try to control the behavior of others.

When everything comes crashing down, you will realize that even after having to control your left everything.

Accepting and embracing the unexpected in life will always allow you to have peace within yourself. Don’t try to control everything in your life.

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