No relationship is perfect, and you cannot expect your partner to be happy all the time. Things become even worse when your partner is moody and is bringing in negative energy in your relationship.

During this moment you might feel like just ripping off your hairs and might even think of ending things with your partner.

However, you needn’t take any such extreme measures, and you must realize that your partner is facing a hard time and just needs a bit of support and a shoulder to lean on.

Sometimes these feelings of insecurity and negativity come as a result of your hormones and specifically in girls when she is going through the menstrual cycle.

During this time you should try and be supportive and just patiently wait for this phase to pass through. There are moments when you would feel that things are not working out, and your girlfriend is a bit too sulky.

But you must realize that sometimes people just get sucked into rough phases, and there isn’t much that you can do.

Therefore, you ought to realize that your girlfriend doesn’t require someone to be her therapist but wants a guy who would stand by her side and would comfort her in every way possible.

Below we mention some of the easy strategies that would tell you how to make your girlfriend happy:

1. Try Giving Her a Few Surprises

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During her rough phase, you may think that little surprises don’t mean that much, but the fact is that any ray of happiness would help her from being sucked into depression or being upset.

A surprise would mean that you were thinking about her all day, and you cared enough to find a present that would make her extremely happy.

This gesture might help in lifting her mood while at the same time would allow you to see that precious smile of her. Some gifts which you can consider include roses, chocolates, or her favorite food from her favorite restaurant.

2. Try Giving Her a Massage

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Now, this is something that would do wonders in case your girlfriend isn’t moody but is simply stressed in her life.

A long massage at a quiet place may do wonders in lifting up her mood and would be able to suck up all the tension that is present in her muscles and veins.

Most people don’t know how beneficial or how de-stressing a massage is. You might also get paid handsomely in the bedroom for this beautiful gesture (If you know what I mean!!!).

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3. Take Her on a Special Romantic Date

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Taking your girlfriend out to a romantic location and then having her favorite food followed by a long slow dance might be something that would help in lifting up her mood.

Most girls love dressing for any occasion and giving her a chance to be a part of something so romantic might truly live up her mood.

4. Watch Movies and TV Shows that she loves

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We understand it can be quite hard for men to watch girly TV shows or movies such as “Sex and the City.” However, these movies or shows can have a positive effect on their mind as well as on their soul.

So in case you genuinely care about her than watching such movies along with her during the time when she is upset might bring her comfort as well as she may feel cared for.

She might not only feel connected to you but this way the entertainment might also help soothe her mind.

5. Talk About What is On Her Mind

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The next tip on how to make your girlfriend happy is something you wouldn’t wish to see, however getting to know her feeling might help her in lowering down any frustration.

She might want to share something that is bothering her for quite a while. You might not want to solve all her problems. However, you must be patient enough to listen at least what is bothering her.

6. Cuddle Goes a Long Way

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Although it is very commonly known that girls love cuddling and hugging, however, their need for this behavior rises to a whole new level when she is sad.

A hug is a great remedy for any negative stress or even tiredness. Giving her a long comforting cuddle might prove to be a great method in lifting up her mood.

7. Go for things that she loves but you don’t normally do with her

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This could be anything that your girl wants however you normally don’t get time to do that with her. It can be shopping; it can be picking up some new cosmetics, or it even could be walking through the woods and talking.

Doing things that she loves will bring out the feeling of care as well as love and she would be more than happy to see someone who is always there for her.

8. Try Making Her Laugh

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For all time that you have been in your relationship, you might have known something that really makes her laugh or makes her extremely happy.

There might be an outfit that you wear that makes her laugh, or it could be a funny story or an expression that you enact that could bring out a big smile on her face.

Try getting these expressions on and hence make her as happy as you can. Make her smile as much as you can and this might result in her forgetting any problems she is facing in her life.

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9. Try and Be Affectionate With her

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Hold her hand as you walk or kiss her more than you normally do when she’s down. This might provide the emotional support that she was seeking for quite some time.

Physical affection might be the thing that she requires at that point in time.

10. Cook Her Favorite Dish

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Lastly, on the list of how to make your girlfriend happy comes cooking. If you are good with the knives and forks, then try cooking her something that she absolutely loves.

Good food won’t only keep her nourished but will at the same time help in showing her that you care and love her unconditionally.

These were a few easy tips on how to make your girlfriend happy. Try them next time when your girl is acting grumpy.


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