Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions

One of the most beautiful and satisfying art is the art of lovemaking commonly called sex. Some may find it a bitter pill to swallow that most of our world youth have exploited this gift by adding LUST in between.

This lust leads them to addictions. Things repeated, again and again, become a habit. Then from these habits, it takes no time for them to turn to addictions. The deadly demon of lust and sexual addictions have ruined many lives and shattered many relationships.

Addiction to sex and lust is common amongst youngsters, teens, and youth. The crux of time is that this generation is well aware of this catastrophic addiction, but their eyes are glittered by the boom and show off the game ignoring the ill effects.

Blessed and wise are those, who at the right time realize the need to rise above this addiction and strive to overcome this. Victory belongs to those who dare.

Here are certain steps that will surely help you free yourself from the slavery of sexual addiction.

1. Be an honest sinner

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Better an honest sinner than a false hypocrite. Some people find it hard to accept the truth that they are addicted to lust. Accepting flaws is a mark of bravery.

Once you realize your mistake, believe me, half the battle is won. It will surely require a hell lot of guts to face yourself and condemn yourself, but this will prove to be the cornerstone in the foundation of overcoming this addiction.

2. Forgive yourself

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Hate the sin, not the sinner. Once you accept and realize your shortcomings, forgive yourself of all your past. If you will keep the fire guilt burning in your heart, it will surely consume your present and will burn to ashes the hope of overcoming this addiction. Repent with a contractile spirit and psychologically free yourself from the guilt.

You can never read the next chapter if you are stuck with the old ones. A true sacrifice is a sincere repentance. Forgive yourself for all the porn you watched, all the filthy stuff you saw or read, and all that stained the pure velvet of your chastity. Move on soldier bright new dawn awaits you.

3. Make a commitment

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Dream without action is simply a wish. Once you are determined to overcome, your sexual addictions let nothing come and vanish this commitment. The jar which was long backfilled with filth is cleared by tears of repentance, and now it’s the time to pour sparkling new wine into it.

Your bold determination will be this wine. Be loyal to your determination. History has proved that those who are loyal to their determinations, even the deep seas give them away to march towards victory.

4. Alter Your Lifestyle

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Bible says: “If your hands provoke you to sin, better is to chop that handoff. By doing so, you will lose your arm and not your soul”. Here chopping hands refer to strike out all the things which provoke you to make a mistake. If you have a collection of porn books or magazines, better throw them, else, you will be tempted by them.

5. Don’t Be disappointed if you fail ones or twice

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The human body resists change. This changed lifestyle will initially seem to be tough. But tough roads lead to beautiful destinations. All of a sudden it will be difficult for you to resist lust but stretch out a sword of determination and fight bravely. If you fail, don’t lose hope instead, keep trying and rise stronger.

6. Have a control Over Your Mind

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Humans are meant to control minds; the minds don’t control humans. Don’t let your mind be the master of your deed but give this seat to wisdom. Keep your mind isolated from lusty thoughts, and your mind will release hormones that will help you overcome this feeling by releasing Adrenaline and testosterone which will eventually help in your lust dying down.

7. Practice Yoga or Exercise Regularly

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Whenever your mind feels horny, or the angels of lust try to seduce you, dash down the floor and do some push-ups. Use all of your energy to a limit that you are no longer in a mood to raise those red horns. Regular exercise and physical work will improve your mental state and will help you to stay focused on your goal.

Yoga not only benefits you physically but also mentally. Guided meditation and asanas will help you to calm your sexual urges and will mend up all the chakras of your body.

8. Keep Yourself Busy

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Your thoughts define your actions. Whenever filthy thoughts knock on the door of your mind, the best reaction is to ignore and engage yourself in other works.

Try to keep yourself busy with your hobbies or music or any course of interest. Keep in mind an empty mind is the devil’s workshop.

9. Seek some Spiritual Help

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Those who put everything in Gods’ hand, find Gods helping them at every stage. Religions have always weighed sexual addiction on the balance of sin. And the fruit of sin is everlasting death.

Keep in mind your body is the temple of God. To maintain its purity and chastity is not only your duty but also your responsibility. Surrender all your weaknesses to the Lord and ask for his help to overcome this. Ask your Priest or Imam or Pastor to guide you.

10. Get Some Expert Advice

Ways to Get Over Sexual Addictions
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Today many counselors and psychologists are easily available who can provide you advice and guidance. They will logically help you to overcome your addictions and will provide you with a practical trick to be used in daily life.

Keep in mind that addiction is a simple psychological disorder that is not impossible to correct. With correct ways and tricks, you can surely overcome your sexual addictions.

Sex is one of the necessities of the human race, but the right time, the right way, and the right manner should be followed. Sex should be related to love, not with lust.

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