Do you still think about your ex? Despite starting a new relationship, do you dream of your old boyfriend/girlfriend?

If yes, then my dear friend, you are still hung on to your ex. You must have heard of a rebound relationship, long-distance relationship, and many others.

But have you heard of any term that is used when the ex-lovers turn into friends? Friendship gives you the authority not to cheat on your friend.

When you are a friend to someone, you can’t break the rule of being the benefactor. Once you split up with your partner mutually, and you realize that you were friends than lovers, then the situations get complicated.

Why? It is because the equation between you two is very inappropriate. You say you are friends at one time and the other moment, you can’t deny your old feeling getting aroused in you.

To avoid such troublesome relationships, here are 10 ways that will help to reconcile the relationship, not as a girlfriend /boyfriend but just a friend.

1. Friendzone is the safest

ways to be friends with your ex
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The friend zone is the place where people don’t expect any insecurity, and they can chill out in public without the issue of jealousy.

So, if you want to mend your relationship with your ex and be a friend to him/her, then understand the meaning of friendship. Don’t have any hidden agenda of getting your partner back in life by being a fake friend.

2. Clear the misunderstanding

ways to be friends with your ex
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If you want to tape up the relationship, then converse with your ex about the reason for your breakup and don’t let any misapprehensions be a part of your cordial relationship.

Be his/her well-wisher and take care of him/her, but don’t howl in the way you did when you were in a relationship.

3. Give the required space to each other

ways to be friends with your ex
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It is the rule of friendship. You have let your ex-partner breathe; you can’t run into him/her just like that.

You have to maintain the dignity of friendship and don’t over intervene in his/her life again. You are no longer his/her lover, so stop acting like one.

4. Don’t let yourself fall for him/her again

ways to be friends with your ex
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Don’t let your love take a new form again. Once you call off a relationship, the sincerity it had cannot be recovered after the break-up.

You just can’t start all over again. If you truly wish to be his/her friend then switch off the button that triggers your feelings for him/her.

5. Don’t date somebody else too quick

ways to be friends with your ex
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If you don’t want your partner to think that you were a traitor, then don’t be desperate to start dating just a month after your breakup.

If you want to win his/her trust back, then being a friend is the option. You should not give an impression to him/her that you have been longing for freedom from your relationship.

6. Support you ex in recovering from the grief

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You must get each other out of the drudgery to accept one another as friends. This is what buddies do. They are there with you in your hard times. So, be that helper, not the one who causes that pain.

7. Don’t act like typical lovey-dovey again

ways to be friends with your ex
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Don’t sit with your hands around his/her neck or kiss him/her. These are the rights of a partner, not a friend. You surely don’t want to indulge in such mess, right?

So, stop treating him/her like a baby, stop pampering him/her and yes, do not notice his/her dresses because that is not your job.

8. Allow him/her to move on

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You have to signal to him/her that he/she can find someone else to be crazy for. You have to let him/her give the vibes that your relationship will not happen ever again, and he/she is free to date anyone he/she likes.

9. Let this be a healthy relationship – This time; it is different

ways to be friends with your ex
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Do things differently this time. Crack jokes on each other and mock at your previous rebound relationship that could last for even a few months or anything that will break the walls of silence between you two.

You have to crush the hesitation that has inflicted in your lives due to the former failing relationship.

 10. Don’t develop urges for your ex

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You are not the characters of the American Sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” where anybody could hook up with anyone. It is a real-life where you have to face such an awkward moment where the ex is with someone else, and you are hanging out with him/her as a friend.

You have to stop thinking about you and your past life with your ex because it will remind you of the sexual terms you had with each other.

Do you think you can forget your past with your ex and befriend with him/her? Do you never get disturbed by watching the face of your ex and realize that he/she is your friend?

Nowadays people are taking inspiration from Bollywood stars and becoming magnanimous. Now it is ok for you to befriend your ex because it is too common to find in metro cities.

And by the way, what is wrong with staying friends with exes? In fact, it takes a big heart to forgive your partner and recover from the pain.

So, if your relationship is not working out, then please snap out of it because you have the chance of continuing the bond as friends.

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