Vaginal pH Balance

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place where you have to live”. The concern regarding personal hygiene is still a taboo. We might be gradually turning towards a liberal approach towards “conservative” topics such as sex but still, we have miles to go.

In the case of glitches related to personal hygiene, women do not open up easily and procrastinating the grave concern related to private sanitation which leads to severe vaginal infections and reproductive complications.

It’s time for people to accept the biological procedure and requirements of our body and come out of the deception of conservative dogma. The conditions our body differs with age and sadly, we lagged behind in the invention of anti-aging cream for our private parts.

So here is the list including the natural process to keep your private parts healthy and your PH level balanced:

1. Nutritious diet

Vaginal pH Balance
Source: Marie France Asia

A balanced diet is the best gift you can ever reward your body. You may not realize, but a balanced and nutritious diet is the foundation of a healthy and reproductive body.

The “right” food consumption changes the taste of your vaginal secretions, unpleasant odor, and irritation are the indications of your “wrong” choice of food.

2. Maintain decent sanitation

Vaginal pH Balance
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Retaining the cleanliness of your private part is your job. Simple habits like changing your underwear daily, cleaning your vagina after urination can save you from going through the excruciating experience of severe urine infections and other infections such as colpitis and cystitis.

Keep your vagina clean and dry and during the mensuration days, change your undergarments twice.

3. Regular trim

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Consistent trimming of pubic hair is advisable. It is a healthy practice to keep your pubic hair short or completely clean because pubic hair is the hub of sweat and bacterial growth.

4. Let it breath

Vaginal pH Balance
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Thongs might be sexy, but you cannot avoid the sandpaper dryness that comes along. It is important not to stake your health over fashion preferences and let your vagina breathe, dermatitis, eczema, and bacterial infections are the results of such inconsiderate behavior.

A word of advice is to wear cotton or any natural fabric underwear during the day, and synthetic fabric should be avoided.

5. Big NO to perfumed tampons and pads

Source: Huffingtonpost

Perfume tampons or sanitary pad is a big ‘NO’. It is essential for menstruating women to change the sanitary napkin within 5-8 hours or it could lead to infections, rashes, and nasty odor.

Perfume on the sanitary pads could subside the odor but creates an imbalance of the PH level of your private parts.

6. Don’t keep the doctor away

Vaginal pH Balance
Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

When was your last appointment with your gynecologist? Well, if you haven’t seen him/her in a while, I would insist you to do so.

It is important to consult your gynecologist within three months of being sexually active and be regularly examined rather than be diagnosed with diseases and disorders later.

Women over 21 should have PAP and ultrasound test which can positively detect ovarian and uterine cancer.

7. Change your garments regularly

Source: The Independent

Are you in the habit of changing out of your workout clothes? If no then start doing so. Tight innerwear and synthetic fiber lessen the air circulations.

So try giving your body some breather and avoid the chances of vaginal infections. I would insist you to change your clothes after any physically straining and sweaty activity to dodge the diseases for later.

8. Avoid douching

Vaginal pH Balance
Source: Healthline

Douching is a French word for wash or soak. The douching involves rinsing your private parts with an acidic chemical fluid and is often done post-intercourse to kill the sperms.

But it interferes with the PH level of the vagina by reducing its acidity and setting the ground for bacterial infection. Douching only covers the unpleasant odor without providing a solution to the problem as well as disrupts the normal PH level of the vagina which is 3.8-4.5.

9. Rules for intercourse

Man Opening Condom With Woman In Bed
Source: Huffpost

A condom is a shield against HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases which could further lead to cancer.

It is important to switch condoms in between the sex and should thoroughly clean the private parts with mild soap as a precautionary measure against vaginal or anal infection.

10. Don’t be too harsh

Vaginal pH Balance
Source: Bustle

Cleanliness of the individual parts has been the center of discussion in the above points, the equally weighing concern the elements to be used for the process.

It is recommended to use a mild soap to clean your private parts’ reason being highly alkaline soaps meddle with the PH level of the private parts. Along with mild soap, it is recommended to use talcum powder regularly after bath for a clean and dry vagina.

Issues related to private organs are still not a matter of open discussions, but the indifferent attitude towards them is alarming.

I would like to insist you all understand the needs of your body and speak your mind rather than suffering the consequences of your hesitations and insecurities.

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