Updos for Long Hair for Women

Gone are the days when women fancied short hairs and bob cuts. The latest trending fashion is the gorgeous long hair which is either braided or portrayed as fashionable updos. Give up your hands for the regular long hair updos and try the all-new and glamorous hairdos below-

 The wrapped braid

Updos for Long Hair for Women

This is very simple yet gives you a romantic and classy look at the same time. All you got to do is part your hair on the side. From the opposite side of your part, start doing a simple three-strand braid and take each strand of hair for doing the braid.

Take it to the other end of your head, gradually lowering the braid. In the end, secure it with a hairband and insert the braid under the braid. Give a finishing touch with a good hairspray. This long hair updo can be tried for medium and dense hair too.


Give it a twist


Keep the hair dry and part it into two sections such as upper and bellow. Comb the lower part and make it as a ponytail in the centre of the head. Twist the ponytail upwards directing to the crown and pin it up right below the crown remembering to leave the ends loose.

Take the upper section and backcomb it to give a puffed look at the bangs. Twist it around the loose hairs of the other section and insert the end in the middle of the first twist. Touch up with hairspray that enhances the shiny look and sway with the most sophisticated long hair updo.

The fairytale bun

Updos for Long Hair for Women

This bun gives you a royal look that you are longing for. Comb the dry hair and give it some moisture by applying little oil. Make a high ponytail in the middle of the head. Curl the end of the ponytail with long curls and comb it with your fingers.

Now take the hair up and twist it into a bun. Secure the end of the hair making the bobby pin against the elastic of the ponytail leaving the ends loose. Gently pull out the bun to loosen it a bit. Pull strands of hair on your face to give it a dazzling look.

Smooth bangs and curly bun


Make your dry hair ready for the stunning style by applying a shine serum. Smoothen your bangs gently and leave it aside. Now curl the hair with a curler. Take the hair in the crown part, and backcomb it. Now gently smooth the backcombed at the crown.

Take strands of hair with medium size, twist it gently and pin it in the centre of your head. Repeat it till all of your hair is secured in the same manner. Comb the bangs and pull few hairs to your face. Give it a look with hairspray.

Updo with fishtail

Updos for Long Hair for Women

Trash your worries of having got medium or thin hair. This long hair updo will give you the most appealing look and fresh feel. Smooth the hair on your crown part and sides.

Now start with a fishtail braid from your crown area and start including strands of hair into the braid. Do it till the ends and secure it with a band.

Now secure the fishtail against tour head using bobby pins. Pull out the fishtail to give it a natural look and pull strands of hair to the side of your face and curl it a bit.

The side twist


Keep the hair dry. Now make a deep side part and pull all the hair to your right. Backcomb the lower part of your hair to give it a dense look.

Curl up your hair with a twist on the top and secure each strand with a bobby pin as you desire. Pull strands of hair on the left side of the head and crush it to give a messy look. Maintain the look throughout the day with a hairspray.

The bun and tuck

Updos for Long Hair for Women

To get the majestic look with a bun, comb all your hair to the back of your head and secure it with a rubber band. Now divide the ponytail into smaller strands of sections and tuck the hair into the rubber band ensuring that the end of the strand is not seen outside. Repeat the process until all the hairs are tucked in.

Twist it into a bun


Comb the hair well and flat. Now make a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Divide the ponytail into two sections above the rubber band and insert the ponytail from upwards through the band and bring it to the base.

Repeat the process continues till the entire hair is tucked into a twisted bun. Flaunt this stunning hairstyle with a shining hairspray.

Twist and tuck


Well, comb the hair and part it in the centre. Now take a strand of hair in the front head on either side of the partition and twist it on its respective sides till the end.

Secure it with a rubber band into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Now take the remaining hair in the ponytail and tuck it inside the rubber band and do not leave any strand of hair out.

Sleek and twist

Updos for Long Hair for Women

Straighten the entire hair. Take the strands from the right side of the head from above the ear till the nape and secure it with bobby pins at the centre of the head.

Now take the same volume of hair from the left side, twist it at the centre and secure it with a rubber band. Make a ponytail at the lower part of the nape and twist it like a bun not leaving any strand of hair to be seen outside.

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