Unusual facts about peeing

Who doesn’t likes to pee? When that pressure builds up in your bowel when you are not able to hold it anymore, that is when peeing gives the most pleasurable feeling ever.

However, if you ponder enough, there are quite some unusual facts about peeing that you ought to know. So read along to find out the twenty-odd facts about peeing!

1. Most people pee seven times a day on average.

Unusual facts about peeing
Source: medicalnewstoday

Of course, this differs a bit depending on how much you’re and in what composition you are taking in your food. Although it’s nothing to worry about if you go a bit more or less.

2. An average healthy pee stream must last for about seven seconds.

Seven seconds is the average amount of time to be spent during peeing. But a bit of variation is entirely reasonable!

3. An average adult bladder can store 300 to 500 millilitres of urine.

300-500 millilitres, might as well fill about 7-11 shot glasses! Stop overthinking about it, though. It’s gross!

4. Pee is one of the key ways through which your body gets rid of waste.

Unusual facts about peeing
Source: health

We all love our poop. You might as well think that most of the waste products get out of our body through poop. But our body considers peeing more worthy opponent.

5. Dear females, you don’t pee from your vagina.

The urethra is an entirely different tube from the vagina.

6. Age weakens your stream.

The age might not affect your rate of sperm production in a considerable amount. But yes your lose muscles tend to weaken your pee stream!

7. You also have to pee more frequently when you age.

Unusual facts about peeing
Source: WebMD

As we get older, we produce lesser quantities of testosterone and oestrogen as we create in young age. This results in an increment in the frequency of peeing and hence we have to pee more often as we age.

8. The colour of your pee can tell a lot about your physical health.

The different shades can immediately tell you whether you’re hydrated enough. So don’t be so quick when it comes to peeing. Ponder into the bowel to know the answers about your health.

If you see any other colour apart from the light yellow shades, it is time to call your doctor.

9. Look out for a cloudy or foamy pee.

Source: insider

Cloudy urine is mainly concerning because it indicates infection. It’s also a potential signal that your urine is rich in sugar, which could tip-off diabetes, which is a sign that your kidneys are not functioning properly.

10. Foul-smelling pee is a warning that something’s not right.

If your pee smells dreadful even though you’re hydrated and haven’t been eating things that usually result in bad odour, it could be a warning that you have an infection. It is also probable that your kidneys are spilling glucose into your urine. And a pee that smells sweet often indicates diabetes.

11. And a pee that smells sweet often indicates diabetes.

In children, diabetes causes them to pee many times a day. But in adults, diabetes is often reported by the sweet smell of your urine. Therefore, don’t brag about the smell of your urine. Get it checked!

12. The urine stink is affected by what you eat and drink.

Source: healthline

Foods like garlic and drinks like coffee can affect the stench of your urine, but the effect is less likely if you keep yourself properly hydrated.

13. The acids present in asparagus makes everyone’s pee smell the same.

The only difference is that some people have the smell receptors to pick up on the funk.

14. Leaking some pee when you laugh, exercise or sneeze is called stress urinary incontinence.

Yup! As much as you don’t want to believe, there is a scientific term for the leaking action.

15. Stress urinary incontinence is specifically an issue for older women.

Unusual facts about peeing
Source : elitedaily

A study reports that more than 50% of Older Indian women are suffering from stress urinary incontinence. Big numbers!

16. Holding in your pee isn’t as dangerous as it seems.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll affect your health if you sometimes put off going to the bathroom. Still, regularly going every few hours is much better than holding out as theoretically it might cause infection.

17. Oliguria is the condition where you just don’t pee enough.

If you pee lesser than 400 millilitres a day, you should increase your water intake. If you still are not able to pee more, consult a doctor and find out if something’s wrong medically.

18. Pee shyness is a thing.

Unusual facts about peeing
Source : subtle

It’s known as paruresis and is characterised by the inability to pee when people are around. If this is a mental hangup, behavioural therapy might be useful.

19. Brushing your teeth with urine might whiten them!

The Romans really fascinated urine So the doctors advised their patients to brush their teeth with their pee so as to whiten them.

20. Jellyfish sting? How about peeing all over it?

What you saw in F.R.I.N.D.S. is actually true! Joey was not a fool after all to pee over Monica.

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