touches your husband might be craving for

It’s nothing new that people tend to make more powerful emotional connections with each other. Love is one of the most basic needs of any individual’s life.

If you are married, then it is important to take care of your partner’s needs, but sometimes your husband wants more love from your side.

It is important to make them feel loved and appreciated in any long-term relationship. Sometimes your husband might be craving some special touches from your side, and you should take care of it.

Here are 10 special touches that your husband might be craving for.

1. Rub his feet

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: Medical News Today

Giving a foot massage to your husband can make him feel good. It makes him feel relaxed when you care about him and when you give him foot massage without being hesitant.

2. Initiate closeness

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: HealthyWomen

After a hard-working day, your husband will always be happy if you initiate some closeness with him. A man makes a special move while starting any physical act of love. Making a special move for your husband will make him feel that you find him lovable and desirable. Initiate closeness and don’t be afraid of anything. Your man will love it.

3. Rub his shoulders

Source: Bravo TV

Men enjoy shoulder massages. Giving shoulder massages to him after a long day which will make him feel more relaxed and happy about the fact that you are so concerned about him.

A study proved that giving such massages makes him feel satisfied in the relationship. Show him how much he means to you, and he will most likely return all the favors.

4. Move your fingers on his body

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: Healthline

Men love the kind of sensation they get when you run your fingers over his body. Run your fingers through his hair and body to make him crave for it more.

It will not only make him more attracted to you but will also get him to feel relaxed beside you. These are the kinds of touches he waits for after a long day.

5. Kiss him

Source: Penn Medicine

It is very innocent to kiss him on his hand it will make him feel very special. Kiss him on the other parts of his body too. Kissing him will give him goosebumps, and he will want more of it.

It is one of the unique touches your man might be craving for really long.

6. Cuddle him

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: Psychology Today

Your husband might love to do some cuddling with you after a long day at the office. It is natural for him to be relaxed when you make him feel so special and relieved.

Cuddling can be one of the things he is craving for. Cuddle while watching movies or while he is sitting. It will make his mood settle. It can also make him feel like the luckiest man alive.

7. Massage

Source: Bustle

Treat him with a surprise back massage when he comes back home. It will make him feel pleasant and good about his day.

A back massage will also give him relief, and he will love your touches on his back. Don’t forget to make it a little more exciting. He will definitely enjoy your back massage.

8. Hand holding

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: GoodtoKnow

While you are out with your man, hold his hands. Maybe he is craving to hold yours but is hesitating in public places.

Hold his hands to make him feel special, and he might love it and return you back with something more special. Your husband might like it when you hold his arms.

9. Playfully touch him

Source: Elite Daily

Hug him or playfully touch him to make him feel loved. Provide him with some real and nurturing affection while being close to him.

Increase your closeness with him when you are hugging him. Initiate any incidental touch you can with him.

10. Rest your head on his shoulders

touches your husband might be craving for
Source: Hack Spirit

While you are in a theater or sitting somewhere on a couch, rest your head on his shoulder. It might make him feel loved.

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