Since the modernization has stepped in our world, it is more about what you wear as well as how you smell that defines you to a far greater extent.

In case you want to smell incredible then it is you who needs to decide what to put in your body and how much to put it in.

A healthy diet consisting of garlic, onions, etc. might be good for your health, but boy it does also come out of your body.

According to numerous researches, it has been found that what people eat not only defines what comes out of their body but also defines how would certain fragrance reacts with the skin.

Eating a healthy diet really helps your body remain fit as well as clean. Also, things such as alcohol are known to reduce or deteriorate the smell that you emit.

So below we mention 10 ways to keep yourself smelling good at all times:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

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Yes, this might be something that you may have heard previously, however; drinking a lot of water does tend to improve the way you smell.

Water has been known to keep the skin hydrated at all times and hence the scent you apply stays with you for a longer period.

Staying hydrated is the key to making those natural fragrances all the more effective.

2. Try Giving a little Care to your clothes

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It isn’t something too complicated and is a simple fact, that keeping your clothes clean tends to make your body odor appear pleasant.

In order to make yourself smelling pleasant at all times, consider buying a detergent that isn’t only effective but is great smelling too.

Try utilizing some of the trusted brands such as Tide etc. which have been known to provide customer satisfaction to a far greater extent.

3. Spray at some points specific

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What most people don’t know is that simply spraying perfume isn’t enough; you need to spray it at some specific spots to get the most out of them.

The fragrance is known to rise from top to bottom, and hence you need to spray the perfume at specific chakra point example back of the knee, etc.

Try applying the scent to the areas apart from the wrists or areas which tend to be hot as compared to the rest of the body, for example, back of the neck, ankles, etc.

4. Go for Layer Fragrances

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Now, fragrances aren’t just available in cute little bottles, but they are also known to be available in the form of after shower gels, soaps, etc.

Numerous people out there layer these fragrances and hence are able to achieve triple or sometimes four times the effect of a normal scent.

You can also try going for certain specific body oils instead of regular cream as they are sometimes known to contain additives that break down the normal fragrance.

5. Try Mixing Things

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There are some other techniques that allow you to have your scent fragrance last longer. You can try mixing in a few fragrances.

You can utilize one perfume or body oil as a base and then apply any other scent over it. This would help in keeping up the fragrances longer than the usual and hence would keep you smelling great for a longer amount of time.

Also, you can try applying Vitamin E over your body surface before actually applying the scent as it tends to keep the scent go on for a longer period.

6. Reapply it once or twice

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In case you want a scent that should last all day long then, I guess there aren’t many of the scents which fall into this category.

Citrus based scents have been known to dry out a bit too quickly while the ones such as sandalwood etc. stay on for a longer amount of time.

One of the simplest ways to have a great smelling body is to reapply the fragrance whenever required. Skin is a regenerating organ and doesn’t seem to hold scents for a longer.

So reapplying it once or twice might do the magic.

7. Try Applying it Beyond the Skin

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Smelling good is something that doesn’t only depend on your skin. Instead, it is something that is more of a lifestyle.

Spread the good smell in and around your apartment and spritzing your jackets etc. would also ensure that you have a pleasant smell all the time.

You can actually spritz your bedsheets your pillow and other stuff in case you genuinely want yourself to smell good. There are numerous ways of carrying freshness around.

8. Search A Bit thoughtfully

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The main component in order to smell great is the fragrance-I guess that is something that you already know. Finding the perfect fragrance is something that you won’t be able to accomplish very quickly.

You need to put in some effort, and then you would see it makes all the difference. Wear something that would bring a good smell as well as pleasure into your daily life.

9. Try Testing It Out

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You don’t simply go over to buy a shirt and then hover it across your chest and buy it. You actually do go and try it and if the size fits then think about buying it. The same is the case with fragrances.

They are different smelling on each individual and hence don’t just pick up anything8/* from the store because it smells good. You need to take a sample home, wear it for quite a while and then if satisfied ought to buy it.

10. Spray it 30 minutes before leaving

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Yes, this is something that you should definitely try to smell great. Apply the scent at least half an hour before leaving and that too from a distance of about one foot.

This would allow the smell to settle gradually in and wouldn’t suffocate the people around you.

So, what are you thinking? Follow these tips and smell great all the time.

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