remedies for teeth whitening

“You will find life to be worthwhile if you just learn to smile,” said Charlie Chaplin. But what if you have those yellow moldy teeth? You would definitely not want the world to notice them!

It becomes increasingly necessary to not just take care of your teeth but also to make sure that they stay very healthy and white. And this does not just serve cosmetic purposes. The color of your teeth also ends up reflecting upon your dental health.

It is true that the easiest and at the same time the fastest method of getting rid of stains on teeth or discoloration as well is by visiting good cosmetic dentists.

However, there are numerous other ways less expensive and much more effective teeth whitening methods that can be tried at home.

They are less costly and have little or close to zero side effects. In addition to that, these methods can also yield fast results.

Want to know more about how to do that?

This post has a list of all the amazing remedies for teeth whitening to give the dazzle to your smile.

Apple cider vinegar

remedies for teeth whitening
Source : everydayhealth

Things needed

  • Half to one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • One cup of water

Frequency of the remedy

Repeat it twice to thrice every week in the mornings.

Why It gives results

Apple cider vinegar contains acids of mild nature that not just removes those yellow stains from your teeth but also make them whiter when used continuously.

Baking Soda Along with Lime Juice For Making Teeth Whiter

remedies for teeth whitening
Source: food.ndtv


Things Required

  • A teaspoon of baking soda
  • A teaspoon of lime juice or lemon juice
  • Toothbrush for brushing
  • Apply the solution on your teeth using a brush. Allow it to sit for few minutes. Then wash it off.

Frequency of the remedy

Repeat this remedy twice in a week in the beginning. Continue the use for around 7-10 days.


Be sure that you do not allow it to stay on the teeth for too long.

Banana Peel In order To Whiten Teeth

Source : jbklutse

Things Required

Just Banana peel

Rub a banana peel on your teeth to whiten teeth.

Frequency of the remedy

Perform once every single day or do it on every alternate day until you get whiter teeth that you desire.

Coconut Oil For Whiter Teeth

Source : korwhitening

Things Required

Primary organic coconut oil

Massage your teeth and gums with coconut oil for whiter teeth and stronger gums.

Frequency of the remedy

Do this activity every day in the morning without fail.

Orange Oil: Teeth Whitening

Source: organicfacts

Things Required

  • Around three to four drops of orange essential oil
  • Toothpaste for base
  • Toothbrush for application

Frequency of the remedy

Take a little bit of toothpaste along with orange oil on a toothbrush and apply it to your teeth. Let it stay on your teeth and rinse your mouth.

Repeat this procedure every morning for almost a week.

For Teeth Whitening use Sesame Oil

Source : parenting.firstcry

Things Required

A tablespoon of sesame oil

Apply sesame oil on your teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes and then wash off.

How Often Should you Do This

Do this every day at least once in the morning.

Why This Works

Swishing with sesame oil as the base material is known to remove not just stains from teeth but also to get rid of dental plaque.

Charcoal For Whitening Teeth

remedies for teeth whitening
Source : 123dentist

Things Required

  • A teaspoon of Powdered activated charcoal
  • Toothbrush for application
  • Apply a pinch of powdered charcoal on your teeth using a brush. Let it stay for a few minutes and then wash off.

How Often Should You Do This?

Use this solution around once or twice a week.

Gargling With the help of Peroxide To Whiten your Teeth

Things Required

  • One cup of 2-3.5% solution of hydrogen peroxide
  • A cup of distilled water

How soon should a person do this

Repeat this at least twice a week for desired results.


Try not to ingest this solution. Also, do not do this solution on an everyday basis.

Salt And Lemon to achieve Teeth Whitening

remedies for teeth whitening
Source : stylecraze

Things Required

  • A teaspoon of sea salt
  • Around two teaspoons of lemon juice

How soon Should you repeat This

Do this two times a week.

Why This Remedy Works

The natural bleaching quality that lemon juice contains helps in removing yellow stains from your teeth and in making them glow. The salt not just acts as only a gentle substance with exfoliating properties. It helps in scrubbing away all those stains that are present on those teeth.

Turmeric For assisting Teeth Whitening

remedies for teeth whitening
Source : athomemum

Things that are Required

  • One eight teaspoons of turmeric powder
  • Toothbrush for application

How Often Should this be Done

Just one-time use of this remedy can help in giving you immediate results. Repeat after every few days if the requirement is there.

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