Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage

Whether it is okay to lose virginity before marriage is an age-old question with differing views. It is a difficult task to arrive at a conclusion. The controversy is everlasting.

Here is a compiled list mentioning 10 benefits of remaining a virgin till you get married:

1. You think about the betterment of the world

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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As a kid, most of us want to do something good for this world. However, while growing up, most of the people lose this enthusiasm and become self-centered.

They just want to live a life as good as possible. Waiting to have sex until marriage helps you preserve the child-like innocence for some more time.

If you are a virgin, you still have a whole new world of experience to look forward to. You have a lot of idealism within you that you can carry with yourself. With that extra enthusiasm, you can achieve great things.

2. You have a better ability to deal with breakups

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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Breakups always hurt. It becomes really difficult to move on after breaking up with the one whom you thought would stay in your life forever.

Time seems to have stopped for you and you simply can’t get over the person you were in a relationship with. But a break up becomes all the more painful if you have been physically involved with the person.

You may feel that you have been used to giving everything in a relationship. Breakups are always painful, but the feeling of being cheated hurts even more. Moving on after a terrible break up would be easy if there was no physical involvement.

3. Makes your post-marriage sex life special

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Virginity is a special gift that should be given to a special person in your life. Your wedding night would be the most beautiful encounter you ever had with someone.

According to certain studies, people who wait to have sex until getting married are happier in the long run than those who don’t. Post-marriage sex is the best sex. Your days and nights after the wedding would be incredible.

4. You get rid of the unwanted lustful people from your life

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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From your teenage years, you start meeting a lot of people who just want sex from you. You need to get rid of these people.

If you keep agreeing to what they wish, you will never be able to get rid of such creeps and the negativities they bring in your life.

The only way to distance yourself from such people is by saying a strict “No”. You stay away from falling into the trap of creeps and ultimately find a meaningful relationship.

5. You don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases

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Sex is fun, but you wouldn’t like to risk your health for a few moments of pleasure. There is a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases among people with multiple sex partners.

Some of these diseases like AIDS could be life-threatening. If you have sex only with your life partner, you are safe from such risks.

6. You don’t have to worry about contraceptive methods

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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This mostly holds true for girls. According to a few studies, the consumption of birth control pills frequently leads to hormonal imbalance, unwanted facial hair, and weight gain.

Moreover, many young people end up spending a significant amount of money on birth control pills which is one of the effective methods of birth control.

7. You get to find your true love

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Your relationship will tend to last forever if it is not hinged on sex. Of course, sex is an important part of life. But if the person you are dating is willing to wait for you till you both get married, the person loves you in the real sense.

You get to differentiate between love and lust. Relationships based on lust have the sole aim of self-satisfaction. If you do not have sex until you are married, you find other means to express love for your partner.

8. You don’t give up to temptations

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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Having sex is a strong desire among teenagers as well as adults. This desire becomes uncontrollable at times, and you would want to give up in front of this temptation.

If you manage to resist this temptation, you will learn a valuable lesson of not giving up in front of temptations. You will hold tight to your values.

There will be people calling you naive for being a virgin, but that won’t change your decision. The decision to lose your virginity to a life partner is difficult, but it also symbolizes a pure, generous heart.

9. A deeper bond with your life partner

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Knowing that you have been saving your virginity for your life partner even before you two met would be a great gift for him. When you give your virginity to your life partner, you earn his heart too.

It also signifies that your life partner is the person for whom you have spent whole life believing the notion that he will complete you. You will share a deeper bond with your partner. Divorce and multiple marriages would never be an option for you.

10. You will be a great example for your kids

Reasons of not losing Virginity Before Marriage
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If you want your kids to be on the right path, you should be right as well. You could be a great role model for kids. And you could preach them the right things with utmost confidence.

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