Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues

George Macdonald, a Scottish poet, once said, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”. Trust is the rock of any relation. Whether you have been in a long-term healthy and loving relationship, or you have just committed towards somebody. Trust is the crux.

We all have come across this statement at least once; Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair and it is the core ingredient of the award-winning recipe of healthy and prosperous relationships. But some of us are left with unresolved issues, and deception in their past life will have trust issues. Do you feel the increasing intensity of argument, tension, and distance between you and your partner?

Here are some of the signs that would unveil the suspicious behavior of your partner that has been bothering you for a while:


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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Does your partner follow every social gathering and reunion? Do you feel boxed even with people around? You might believe that he is possessive and loves you a lot, but maybe you are in your neverland. You politely label their clinginess as possessiveness. People with trust issues have severe anxiety, and they believe that you would cheat on them when unleashed. So they cling to you with their life to prevent themselves from being disappointed.


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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If your partner goes through your belongings behind your back or your bag or mobile is not the same as you left it, these are strong indications that your partner does not trust you at all.

A small amount of snooping is healthy in all relationships, but if it occurs daily, then it is high time for you to accept the fact.

One of the ways to resolve the issue is to accept the reality and try to leave your belongings in open that would make her/him realize that you have nothing to hide.


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Do you feel bombarded with questions regarding a particular individual? People with trust issues tend to put hundreds of questions to extract information from you.

It is hard for them to overcome their shortcomings and wrap the idea around the head that maybe you are loyal and dedicated to the relationship.


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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Do you still ask each other about your day? When was the last time both of you actually “talked”? Reason being when your partner believes that you no longer trust them their automatic defense mechanism is to shut themselves off by holding back personal information and start filling you with mundane details to protect themselves from getting hurt.

The baby step towards restoring your relationship could be asking them about their day or share something personal that you have been going through that would restore their faith.


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Does your partner constantly nags you regarding the passwords? Well, sharing a password is natural when it comes to relationships but so is respect for an individual’s privacy.

People with trust issues are paranoid when they fell that things are hidden from them. So instead of shutting them, confront them. Talk to them.


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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Your partner never gets the idea of you hanging out with your friends. They would try to isolate you from your family and friends. It’s not that they want to be with you all the time.

They only want to keep a close eye on you. Everyone has their space, and it is necessary for healthy personal growth.



Some people are the victims of insecurity while some restrict themselves from a touch of happiness and love just to protect their fragile heart from being hurt.

They just go ruthlessly over the other and constantly put them to the test. You need to prove your fidelity often just to keep their monstrous insecurities in check. This constant overwhelming scrutiny will eventually crumble your relationship.

It is important to understand that the distress of being hurt can kindle the flame of your relationships. What is more important is you live every emotion.


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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Maybe your partner is stalking your ex’s on social media. These are the act of pure insecurity. The Past is everyone’s own business.

It is necessary to be open with your partner regarding past relationships but constant conscious attempts to just study the reactions when your ex’s name is too much.


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Does your partner make desperate attempts to reach you when you stay late for work? Some missed calls from your partner doesn’t count.

My indication is towards the desperate attempt made by them, not because they feel protective or concerned rather they are out of pure insecurity, and this is one of the worst tendencies when it comes to trust issues.

It drives your partner insane. They conclude every action in the worst way possible like you cheating on him/her and no one deserves to be judged based on wild imaginations.


Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues
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After discussing the above points, I do not think this would come out as a surprise that they stalk your every activity online.

Your every interaction on the social platform gets dissected; from every post on Facebook to Instagram update to checking every tweet and snap chat story.

You would always be accused of flirting even for liking a friend’s status or post. They have their paranoid eye over you even in your virtual world.

Relationships are fragile and should be handled with love and demand trust. Your journey may not be a cakewalk, but with patience and support, you could heal wounds and make your relationship work.

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