Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Sex life is quite important in every relationship. But in this phase, both the girl and the boy commit some mistakes which further leads to the destruction of their love and emotional life.

The man is a creature who is more sex addict than a woman. Yes, we are sure you want to be a sex magnet. But for that, you will have to put in some work, get intimate nicely, and get your girl beautifully.

There are things you might be ‘doing’ that is affecting your love life adversely without you knowing it.  Sex is something to be enjoyed, not wring hands over and we are here to guide you in the right direction!

1) Avoiding foreplay before having sex

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
Source: AskMen

Foreplay is extremely important, directly indulging in sex can be considered as you’re desperate to have that.

Yes, sometimes it’s amazing when your girl too is caught up in the moment and rushes you straight into the main act, but most of the time, that’s not how it works for her.

Spend a little more time indulging in foreplay and cuddling—kissing her earlobes, smooching or little butterfly kisses on her neck are some of the best ways to get her going.

2) Mute sex

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
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Having sex quietly can be taken as a mess. It’s because of the added sounds of oomph which turns the mood up!

Women don’t want to watch a silent and boring man on top of them exerting all his strength as he pushes into her. Your husky voice is going to spice things up! Definitely, she won’t think they’re weird.

3) Biting the nipple

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Honestly, excessive biting the nipples isn’t sexy—it just hurts her. Also, don’t play with the boobs like they’re joysticks or any toy, thinking they twist in every direction you want them to.

This can hurt your girl, and you can end up irritating her.

4) Ignoring the precautions when going downtown.

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
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Rather than going downwards directly, firstly you should introduce yourself to that particular part, don’t just go directly and hit your strength.

Gradually go downwards get familiar with the area and further go with it. This will make her moan more, and she will enjoy that moment of her best.

5) Pushing her head during a blowjob

Source: Cosmopolitan

They can be considered as the worst part of intimacy. When your woman is going down, she actually knows, what to do and how to do? Pushin her head down towards your penis is not nice.

Not only is it a completely ungentlemanly thing to do— but it also turns her mood off. Rather, just guide her with your words while she’s at it.

6) Spreading your cum on her face

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
Source: Cosmopolitan

When she blows down your penis, just don’t let the jizz serum fall back upon her; that really seems disgraceful when it falls down on their breasts, chin, and stomach after the ridiculous act.

This isn’t fun for women, guys. If she would like to have that part, then you may proceed.

7) Asking her why she hasn’t orgasmed yet

Source: NetDoctor

Both the bodies of males and females are different; their functions are different, and they reach orgasm differently. Their bodies might take a while to warm up.

Usually, women take a time bit longer, and just jabbing your finger up her vagina to make her orgasm may not always do it. Complaining about how much time she’s taking?

Asking her about this seems bad, this will lower down her confidence and pleasure while making out with you.

8) Going too hard when riding her

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
Source: Marriage

Inserting your penis into her vagina hard and roughly would do nothing but irritate her. Listen to her body language, or better yet, ask her if she’s comfortable with the pace and angle.

Simple outcome: you’ll have more satisfying sex. Do not just throw your manpower, go gently sometimes.

9) Kissing after going downtown

Source: Durex Australia

No women like this, after licking down coming back and kissing her lips. No Women want to taste her lips like this.

After going downtown do not just come back to her mouth and kiss her casually. Be hygienic, clean up your mouth, or wash it then go further.

10) Wearing socks on the bed

Mistakes Men Make In Bed
Source: The Healthy

Before initiating the cuddling make sure none of your body parts is stinking. Just be clean and smell good. But those smelly socks can ruin your girl’s mood.

Make sure your smelly socks are the FIRST thing you take off when you hop into the bed with her.

So, there you’re gentlemen—a few golden tips to follow to reach the pinnacle of mutual ecstasy. Do follow these tips and you’ll enjoy the best sex dream ever.

You can make your girl feel the fire, and you both can enjoy the sex equally.

Anyways, you’re going do the things the way you like to, but still, these above points will definitely help you to have the best sex ever, which would be entirely memorable for you and your partner as well.

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