Miss your Alarm Daily?

I was never a morning person and used to wake up only after 9-10 a.m. However now leading a healthy lifestyle and usually, wake up at around 6-7 a.m.

I also get enough time to jog as well as do some of my regular morning exercises. How did this change? Well, I followed a few tips which made me a morning person.

1. Don’t Carry Any Baggage in the Morning:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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You also in a way similar to many people might have called “Morning to be Evil.”

You might have also snoozed your alarm like a thousand times and afterward must have tried very hard to drag yourself out of bed. There are many people with a common slogan of “I Hate Morning”.

However, let all of this go and inculcate some positivity in mind. Start from ground zero and keep your mind balanced as well as clean from all sorts of negativity.

2. Plan One of Your Perfect Mornings:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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Now, this is something where you can actually change your fantasies into reality. Imagine yourself as a person who gets up early, brushes his teeth, and then ideally drinks coffee of tea sitting on his patio.

All you need to do is think of a morning which you would call as perfect.

Also, try and imagine what atmosphere do you seek? This allows for establishing a base of what your morning routine is going to be like.

In case you imagine yourself in a patio drinking coffee with your dog nowhere around than try and make these arrangements in your real life.

3. Disclose Your Plans Only to the People You Love:

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In the start of the transformation phase, mention the changes you are thinking of including in your life only to the people you love.

This would allow them to adjust to your new way of living. Also, don’t mention your plan to anyone else until and unless you have made any considerable progress.

This is because their negative approach to morning might hamper your transformation phase as well.

4. Focus on one thing at once:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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Don’t start by setting up a deadline for when you are going to wake up. These things never happen either due to some emotional reasons or due to some professional setbacks.

Take your time to adjust to the new routine. Try concentrating on one thing at once and start by deciding on the time you would like to wake up.

Set the alarm for around 15 to 30 minutes earlier and if you can get up at this time then again try and set it a bit earlier till the time you are comfortable with getting up on the new time.

5. Get Yourself An Alarm Which Won’t Make You Hulk:

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Some people aren’t too annoyed by the alarm clocks. However, it is the beeping that continuously irritates you.

So in case you are one of them then wake up to the sound of something unique such as a radio, which would help you in the process of waking up, instead of giving you a sudden attack of anxiety.

6. Try and Keep Your Mornings as Pressure Free as You Can:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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In the morning start your day without having any guilt and instead do something that you enjoy the most.

This will help you get refreshed as well as will prepare you for the day ahead. This not only makes you energetic for the rest of the day but at the same time prepares you for any future stress to come.

7. Eliminate any Reasons to Sleep More:

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During the phase of your transformation, you will have some days which would be tougher than the other.

There would be days when you would find every excuse to shut off the alarm and sleep more. So instead of planning for excuses, eliminate them from your life.

In case, you feel tired to make coffee, program your coffee maker to do so. In case you know it ought to be cold in the morning, keep your jacket or gown beside your bed as you sleep.

8. Don’t Break the Chain:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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Try to maintain the chain of waking up early and make sure that it doesn’t break for the longest period.

If you miss a day of waking up early then, you tend to break the chain and hence in this way would be required to start chain building from the beginning.

Don’t let any of your hard work go to waste. Try using the chain strategy for being active in the morning and hence starting a great productive day.

9. Keep a record of what you have achieved:

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Keeping a record of what you have achieved to be the first thing in the morning is a great way to be all motivated as well as energetic.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, try accomplishing some of the basic tasks and leave a moment for thinking what you need to do all day.

This would make you better planned as well as you won’t have any dreadful surprise waiting.

10. Practice this art of waking up early:

Miss your Alarm Daily?
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If you are not able to wake up in the morning by hearing the alarm go off, try a set of your bedroom in a way so that it’s early morning.

Then set the alarm for a few minutes and practice waking up as soon as it goes off. As soon as the alarm goes off stand up, this would allow you to develop the habit of waking up to the sound of the alarm.

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