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Attention men around the world! We know that underneath that stiff muscular exterior, there is a soft little boy who loves superhero movies and silly video games.

While sometimes you are beyond annoying and sadly clueless, there are times do these adorable things without even realizing that makes us go weak on our knees.

We know you don’t like being called cute or adorable,  but we adore you for that as well.

Here are some of the unintentional cute things that men do that make women go weak on their knees.

When they become chivalrous:

Things men do that make women weak

I don’t why men have stopped becoming chivalrous because women love it. Women feel a little quiver when men pull out a chair for them or open the door for them.

They get attracted to men who respect their opinions. Yes, we are independent, but we still love to be swoon over from a guy.


That crooked smile:

Things men do that make women weak
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I hope you guys know what I am talking about. Of course, men usually have a great smile, but that tilted smile that makes the corner of their lips rise is super sexy.  This one is my personal favorite.


When they roll up their sleeves:


When men are wearing a nice buttoned-up shirt, and they roll up their sleeves to relax a little bit, exposing their forearms, oh my!

Women love forearms, and when men do that it swoon women everywhere. Don’t believe it? Try it, and closely observe her reaction.


His eye contact:

Things men do that make women weak

There nothing sexier than a man’s full attention, especially when there are other women around you two. It shows his confidence and the fact that he likes spending time with you. His complete attention makes you more confident.


When he runs his hand through his hair:


When he runs his hands through his hair, it might mean he is “grooming”. You know, like, he is trying to make his appearance more tidy and attractive, without even realizing it.

But women pick up on that, and they love it when guys idly run his fingers through his hair. It makes them look so sexy.


When he cooks:

Things men do that make women weak

A man who knows his way around the kitchen will surely attract many women. When a man is proactive and can cook, it attracts women as it shows you are independent as well as dependent.

And for some reason, men look sexy in the kitchen even when they are wearing an apron with flowers on it.


When they love kids:


While not every woman wants kids, but everyone is a part of a family and when a man shows that he isn’t overwhelmed by kids and can handle them is a huge turn-on for ladies.

This is not something that most of the guys are good at, so when we find someone who knows how to handle kids, it a huge plus.


When they listen:

Things men do that make women weak

Women love to talk, but you know what else they love? They love it when guys genuinely listen to them. A woman loves when her man sits down and listens to her not just pretend.

Having someone to talk to at the end of the is very satisfying. So turn off the TV and listen to guys. Isn’t it attractive when at the end of the day, he asks you how was your day?


When they have a 5 o’clock shadow:


Men are always insecure about their puffy cheeks and their soft skin, and women find it kind of sexy when men try to hide that with facial hair.

While it is their attempt to look tough and intimidating, women find this attempt adorable. Combine this with messy hair and their sleepy voice, boy! If this doesn’t make you weak in the knees, I don’t know what will.


When they are passionate about their silly hobbies:

Things men do that make women weak

Isn’t it cute when guys are obsessed over something, even it is weird stuff? It is attractive when men express their passion, and they are unapologetic about it.

The cherry on the cake is when they sit us down and rant about it. It is so fulfilling to see their eyes light up when they talk about something they love.


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