Fashion trends keep changing very frequently, and new trends start becoming popular. Various new trends come in dresses, jeans, skirts and much more. People wear denim jeans every day, and there are multiple types of jeans that are available to us.

Recently, a lot of new denim styles have come in fashion, and people love it. The fashion runways will always give you a better insight into the best jeans trends going around in the year 2020.

Here is a list of jeans trends which you can follow in 2020 and make a fantastic fashion statement:

Bootcut and flared jeans:

Jeans trend

It is one of the types of denim, which is known as vintage fashion because it’s been going around for years and has come back in fashion trends again. The famous designers recommend people wear this denim with high heels and any top that you like, and it will give a full vintage look.

You can purchase a high waist flared denim and pair it with a stunning silhouette. Various brands offer different materials and types of flared denim.

Ripped denim:

The ripped jeans trend has been going around for a long time, and people love it because of the chic look it gives you. The ripped denim is torn from different places, and it provides the denim with a very rough look.

You can pair it with wedges and a crop top, which will give you a perfectly chic look. You can provide multiple looks to this one, and everything will look great with the ripped denim.

Exposed buttons denim:

Jeans trend

Who doesn’t want to have something with a retro look in their closet, the exposed button modern denim will give you a retro look.

Every little detail matters when it comes to fashion and the button are very nicely placed in the exposed button denim, which gives it a great look. It is a classic twist to the modern trend jeans, and you can pair it up with anything that you like.

High waist skinny jeans:

It is one of the coolest jeans because it’s a high waist and full skin-tight jeans, which gives a perfect shape to your legs. For the people who are skinny jeans lovers, they will love to know that this denim will be in fashion for a long time.

You can wear denim with a silhouette as it will add more effect than the denim with a nice belt. There are various types of skinny jeans available with buttons and ripped portions, and you can go for any that you like.

Front seam denim:

Jeans trend

The front seam denim has become famous these days as they give a very comforting and smart look when paired with a plain t-shirt and stunning sandals.

There are seams on the front side of the denim, which gives it a little rough and settled look. The jean trend has become very famous this year, and you can go for a baggy style or a skinny style with denim.

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