why every Indian Couple should live in together

Living-in is a sin according to Indian culture and Indian mentality. But things are changing, slowly and surely, especially in metro cities.

Marriage in the 21st century is so much different than it used to be, we don’t think the way our previous generation used to think, our priorities in life have a completely different perspective.

Our generation is not ashamed, or afraid of failed relations living in relationships that may have been looked down upon until now, but now it is very much necessary to know a person better before getting married. And there is no better way than a live-in relationship.

Herein are 10 reasons why every Indian couple should live in together before marriage:

1. Live-in is the ultimate test of a relationship:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: The Independent

A relationship is much more than just a nearly perfect date. You may think that you have found the right partner for yourself, but the day you start living in with your partner, you’d realize how compatible you are with each other.

It’s a cakewalk, and all is Lovey Dovey when you meet someone for a few hours. When you start living together, you’ll find out that there is boredom or awkward silence, or you both think alike in most of the issues or you have a disagreement with most of the things.

To know all these things, it is important to have a rock-solid relationship for a lifetime.

2. It will help in balancing your relationship:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: Business Insider

You all may learn to balance the relationship, daily chores, expenses, together. With time, your partner’s values and priorities will become clear and will help to see if these are really what you both want.

3. You will learn about each other’s imperfections:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: Good Housekeeping

Living in leaves no space for any pretense. There’s more to each one of us than meets the eye. You see your partner for who they are. Accepting with all the imperfections is another aspect of a live-in relationship, it is an eye-opener.

You come to know how their temperament is, how the person deals with criticism and argument, whether they snore when sleeping; you get to find many new things every day.

4. You will know whether you can manage a house or not:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: Simple

To manage and run a full-fledged house is not an easy task. Especially when you are young, managing the finances where you both have the challenge to afford a lifestyle which you are used to, that sometimes takes a toll on the relationship.

This should make a deciding factor in a happy married life ahead.

5. Is it just sexual attraction?

Source: MiStay

In the initial stage of a live-in relationship, there would be a lot of passion, and sex, but gradually that first flush of romance is settled down.

Are you both looking for a deeper meaning to exist together, whether you can make each other comfortable all the time? And the most important question – is there a connection beyond physical attraction?

6. You will know whether you guys can compromise:

Source: Time Magzine

When you got into an argumentative mode and land up fighting earlier, you had your respective places to go. But now after a fight, you are together under the same roof.

At that time will you both talk it out or will go to bed angry. If you both are not ready to budge or apologize, it’s better to know now than later.

7. A chance deeply knows each other:

Source: Self Motivation

Every relation takes the time to evolve, no matter how much you love each other; it takes the time to adjust with each other. In India, parents are always involved in our smallest things.

This can be a hindrance for a relationship to grow, and come out as a team. Living in can give an Indian couple a chance to know each other better, without any interference.

8. You would know what you actually want:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: The Better India

Many people don’t realize what they are getting into. They don’t know that they are not prepared for the long-term commitment.

And maybe sometimes you have outgrown each other and don’t love each other anymore. The live-in relations gives insight that what exactly you want from your married life.

9. You would know how compatible you guys are:

Source: Huff Post

The nuclear family concept has now become common, but still, a lot of Indians couples prefer staying in with their parents after getting married. It is important to live together to evaluate where you stand as a couple.

It may happen that certain habits you won’t know about your partner unless you are staying with them. There’s a chance that your relations might not work out.

You may realize that you are not compatible enough, and may decide to split. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage. Living in can decrease the chances of getting a divorce.

10. It gives you a conclusion:

why every Indian Couple should live in together
Source: Hauterfly

And finally Living together is not like watching a rom-com film, and also studies show that believing in movies’ which portrays ideal relationships can enhance your chance of dissatisfaction and failed relationships.

Your love will be tested. If you may love each other even after watching your drawbacks and irritating habits, there is a fair chance of a successful marriage ahead.

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