How To Seduce Your Girlfriend

Having a hard time seducing your girlfriend? If you need a little extra power to seduce your girlfrien, I can help you out! Just remember one thing, women are extremely complicated unlike you guys, and they are not attracted to just good looks but also to some other qualities.

Women want their partners to be understanding, caring, and loving. They are always drawn towards the qualities of men more than the physical appearance. So let’s see what all can be done to solve this mystery of seducing a girl.

First of all, you will need to stock up on roses, candles, chocolates, massage oil, bubble baths and much more stuff that is preferred by your girlfriend.

Second, always be prepared about her mood swings and never get pissed. So have a read to all these points about how you can seduce you, girlfriend, in ten different ways.

1. Take her on a date

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Set a romantic date for her. Select an appropriate venue for your romantic date and try to decorate the surrounding with flowers and candles. The environment should be romantic and peaceful so that she doesn’t get conscious.

It can get even better if you plan a surprise date.  Take her out because dates turn her on in the most efficient ways as she realizes that you care enough to go head over heels for her. Make romantic gestures and impress her.

2. Present yourself well

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
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That one particular day will always be different for both of you. Start it with dressing differently than the regular days. Wear something classy. How about a suit? It will be perfect.

Have your hair styled and use the perfume that will turn her on. Step outside your comfort zone and do something different for her.

If you are shy, then switch your mood and become open and cuddle her without getting conscious when you are out on your special date. Just switch things up!

3. Make her feel safe

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
Source: Inspiring Tips

When you both go out together, always choose a place that has enough privacy. A woman is always scared about her personal moments getting leaked outside.

So make her feel more secure and comfortable. Try assuring her that the things that happen between you two remain between you two. Spending time alone will always refresh her and leave her wanting you more. Try it!

4. Pamper her

Source: Positive Thing Only

When she comes home tired, give her a massage or make her something to eat. Seeing that you care the most about her will leave her wanting you always.

Tell her that you love her. Send her text messages with love. Girls love to be pleased and pampered. Your girlfriend is no different.  Buy her flowers and chocolates.

Pampering her will always bring you two closer and will help in seducing her in the sweetest manner ever.

5. Talk dirty while looking at her

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
Source: Her Way

There is always a thin line between the dirty talks girls love and the other side which makes them feel creepy. Always stay behind the safer line and speak in a flirting manner.

If she likes what you’re saying she will flirt back and if she doesn’t probably she will be pissed very soon!  Be aware! Talking dirty will always draw her attention towards you. Try it out.

6. Praise her

Source: Pamper her Friday by Rg2

Keep telling her how beautiful, wonderful and cute she is. Always compliment her for her looks and never forget to tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her.

Keep telling her why she turns you on so much just by being smart and beautiful. Complimenting a girl melts her heart and draws all her attention towards you. She’ll be very impressed after this act of yours!

7. Keep it slow

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
Source: Emily Raymond- Breakup Coach

There is a saying that slow and steady wins the race, this is appropriate and genuine here. When it comes to seducing your girlfriend, always take small steps and let it go in a slow manner.

They don’t like when guys become too jumpy and just make them think that it’s all about sex in the end. Take it slow as women take much longer to warm up.

Just keep your whole evening focused on her, and she will slowly get attracted to you. Just be smooth with your words and see the magic work!

9. Timing plays an important role

Source: NBC News

Before seducing your girlfriend, make sure that the timing is correct. If she is in a bad mood, just stop your thoughts and actions from heading ahead as it might piss her off and make her think negatively.

If she is upset or tired, just calm her down first and try getting her into a good mood. If you still fail, just stop the idea of having a romantic conversation that day. Patience is the key to all the right things. Just wait for the time.

10. It’s not just about sex

How To Seduce Your Girlfriend
Source: The Modern Man

There is nothing uglier than a girl figuring out that you are only interested in sex. It is the biggest turn off for the women. Show her that you genuinely love her, and it is not just about the physical relationship.

Always try to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Don’t wait for occasions, do small things for her to make her happy.

There’s a lot more than just sex, and if you start making her feel that way, you’ll be driving her crazy! Doing all this will help you seduce her even faster.

Do you know if you forget about any small detail related to her, you are only inviting an angry lady! Never ever forget anything about her. I know it’s tough.

So to make it easier just write down the things that may slip out of your mind. Keep a check and probably this simple gesture will keep her happy and contented. It will also make her feel special. Make her days even more special and see how fast she gets drawn towards you.

So if you are having a hard time impressing her, don’t panic. Just try these simple steps and you can keep your girlfriend happy then.

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