Bikinis, shorts, and mini-skirts nearly become your daily wear during the summertime. But in the case of women who do have a dark bikini line, such clothing could prove to be a major turn off.

Discoloration in between the thighs as well as in the pubic area zone is a cosmetic issue that might cause embarrassment, but practically it is generally not classified as a medical issue.

Hyperpigmentation of this bikini line can be due to multiple reasons, one of the most common factors can be a genetic factor. Some people are very sure to develop an excess of pigmentation in this area more than the other ones.

Other very regular reasons might include overexposure to extremely harmful ultraviolet (UV) sunrays, some kinds of skin disease, or even wearing polyester underwear on a regular basis, time to time shaving and daily friction between the layers of thighs due to wearing clothes that are very tight can also be a reason.

Here are the chart-toppers ways that can quickly explain how to lighten the dark skin around your public area.

Aloe Vera

How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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Aloe Vera is a known natural skin lightener. When and if used on a daily basis, it can even help in making the skin become lighter and fade the various skin spots in the area. It may even assist in repairing the skin cells and promoting natural regeneration.

According to a 2010 study that was published in the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, among the numerous skin benefits that aloe vera has, it excels in clearing dark spots and even assists in keeping skin clear.

Lemon Juice

How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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Lemon juice acts as a beautiful skin tone lightening agent, all thanks to the acidic properties it has. Vitamin C helps in the removal of dead skin cells and in enriching the skin. It also plays a substantial part in stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin cells in those areas.

You can either make use of these remedies daily or keep using them until you feel satisfied with the results.

Cucumber Juice

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Cucumber juice has numerous skin-lightening properties. Vitamin A present in it helps in reducing skin darkness caused majorly due to tanning by controlling your skin’s generation of melanin.

In addition to this, the high water content in cucumber plays a useful role in keeping the skin hydrated as well as glowing.

Orange Peel

How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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Instead of doing away with the peels of oranges after you have eaten them, you can use them as a home remedy for skin lightening properties. The skins work most effectively as a natural bleach and can help lighten dark blotches and remove them over time. They have used for lightening suntan also.

The peels is a richer source of vitamin C than the pulp is. This vitamin plays a vital role in fighting with the free-radical damages that not just destroy the functioning skin cells of the pubic area but can also make your skin lose that shine and glow.


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Tomatoes are known for the bleaching effect they cause, and hence they act as an effective skin-lightening agent. The lycopene, an antioxidant contained in tomatoes, helps in protecting skin against substantial sun damage.


How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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Both whole almonds, as well as just almond oil, can help in lightening and evening the skin tone of your bikini area. The pretty high vitamin A and E content coupled with the essential fatty acids present in almond oil help in nourishing, soothing and moisturizing your skin. Whole almonds play a dual role of exfoliating as well as softening the skin.


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Milk is a favorite home remedial skin lightener that you can easily use to lighten the untoned skin in your pubic area.

The lactic acid contained in milk helps in reducing the skin’s pigmentation. This results in a much lighter complexion. It also substantially helps in keeping your skin very well moisturized.

Baking Soda

How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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You can also give a try to baking soda which is present in every home to lighten the skin present near your bikini line. Avoid using it if you have sensitive skin. It even helps in preventing excess sweating, which is one of the ruling causes of skin getting discolored along skin folds.


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The enzyme called papain which is present in papayas helps in getting rid of skin darkness in the bikini lining. This enzyme has nature gifted bleaching property that undoubtedly helps in evening out the skin tone.

In addition to this, the high vitamin C contained in papayas actually protects the skin cells against UV rays and sun damage.


How to Lighten Dark Skin around Your Pubic Area
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Sandalwood is another very effective solution for lightening the skin of your bikini area. It can enhance skin complexion as well as treat hyperpigmentation. It can give your skin a natural, even tone.

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