Clothes that suit you

Clothes are an essential part of lifestyle and identity. The clothes display our personality, social status, and style.

The clothes that we wear gives the idea to the people about how they should perceive us and also impacts the way they will respond to us.

The dress that you wear plays a significant role in presenting yourself. Here are a few ways that you can choose the clothes that suit you

According to your body shape: 

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Everyone has a different body shape, and the clothes will always depend on the type of body shape that you have. It is important to figure out your body shape to understand the types of clothes that suit you

Pear-shaped body: If you have a pear-shaped body, then you need to wear something that will highlight your shoulder to balance the body shape.

You can also accessorize scarfs, necklaces, and necklines to emphasize the shoulders. You can choose the flared pants and A-line skirts for bottom wear because it will help you balance the body shape with the top you are going to wear. 

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Apple-shaped body: In such body shapes, the attention needs to be on the midsection and the waist. So, you can wear wrap dresses, V-neck T-shirts, and A-lines, which will make your body look balanced.

You will have to avoid wearing skinny jeans because it will make your legs look thin. 

Hourglass-shaped body: It is a full curvy body that needs attention while selecting the clothes. Your hips and bust will be given a major boost by the clothes you wear, focusing on the waist.

You can go for skirts, and V necks but avoid wearing baggy clothes because those clothes won’t emphasize your curves. 

Rectangle-shaped body: In this type, you won’t have curves, but you can create them by wearing accessories like belts on the waist to give the body an accurate shape. Belts are your best friends in such body shape. 

According to the skin tone:

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Your wardrobe may have clothes of all colors, but not all colors will suit your skin tone, so it is essential to select the colors according to the skin tone.

Look at your veins and skin, the green veins represent a warm undertone, and the blue ones suggest cooler undertone.

So you have got to select the color of your clothes according to your undertone because that is how you can choose the clothes that suit you

According to the other fine details:

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The last option to look after before selecting the clothes that suit you is to see the other details like your grooming, underwear, and accessories.

All these things are significant to go with the outfit, or else it won’t look good. If you are wearing the right clothes, but if the underwear is not proper, then the clothes’ appearance won’t look nice.

So it is imperative to look after these fine details before choosing the clothes that suit you

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