How to be a good kisser

When you get into a relationship and when you decide to take things to another level, physical attachment helps a lot in doing so.

This may simultaneously help you in ameliorating the physical, emotional as well as mental bonding between both the people.

A good kiss can lead to better and hotter things as they progress. To be a sensational kisser, you have to be in control. These tips are both for girls and boys.

So here is our list of how to be a good kisser that will guide you along

1. You should be Gentle and soft:

How to be a good kisser
Source: How To Kiss

Imagine you and your partner have just started kissing each other, and you are about to shift your efforts towards a deeper and harder kiss, then you should gently start taking the lead by putting your hands on either side of her face and guiding your lips in.

When you grab her face in your palms during the kiss, you can control the amount of pressure of your mouth on her, and she also feels the warmth and love of your hand as well.

2. Be vocal sometimes:

How to be a good kisser
Source: LifeHacks

Here’s is the second-best method which will tell you that, “How to be a good kisser”. A good conversation can boom up your act.

You should be at least a little vocal during your prior lovemaking and after lovemaking about how kissing her turns you on.

Try to adore her/him. A boy should let her know that she has a strong and sensational effect on him and her breath makes him extremely crazy.

It is important to not only tell your girl how gorgeous and beautiful she is, but also that she is a great kisser as she did her job well. And a girl can tell his guy about the amazing efforts he made in kissing and pleasing her.

3. Your mind matters:

Source: Insider

Try to get the right pressure of your lips on her/him. You do not have to have cloying lips; you do not have to be extremely hard, and you do not have to have a flat plain stomach and a nice butt.

These are not qualities to be a good kisser. What all is required is your interest to make your woman/Man feel nice.

Your mind is the ultimate sex organ, and your lips are the perfect warriors in the game of love, lust, and desire.

4. Practice:

How to be a good kisser
Source: Love Panky

The idiom is well prominent “Practice makes an individual perfect”. And this will provoke you to learn about “How to be a good kisser”.

To inculcate new kissing techniques and methods, you can look into a mirror and watch yourself, try to kiss your arm or hand gently, and imagine as you’re kissing your own partner.

Greatly assume, how the warmth of her/his lips will feel on yours, imagine her/his voice when your partner will be kissing your lips, how sweet their saliva will taste, and try to imagine every moment and aspect of the lips.

This may sound a little stupid, but when you are totally thinking about it and concentrating on the sensation, you will get more confidence, and you’ll do great when you actually get to it.

5. Be romantic and loving:

Source: Love Panky

This is another nicest way to know “How to be a good kisser”. A woman’s body is pretty much sensational; wherever you’ll touch her, it will tickle up her body completely.

You can kiss her earlobes, neck, or ground your lips behind her ears and hair. You can softly place your lips on the tip of her nose; you can lick it and can give her a cute kiss.

A woman can simply seduce him with her smile and small cute touches. That will completely help your guy to get more interested in you.

6. Try not to hurt:

How to be a good kisser
Source: Your Tango

Just make sure that in deep kissing or else we say French Kissing, make sure you don’t hurt him/her. He/she should not pass out by the force of your kisses.

7. Maintain fresh breath:

Source: Raman Bhatia (Fitness Model)

A good kisser is recognized for his sexy and refreshing breath. Stay away from smelly food like onions, garlic, fish, etc. when you know, you are about to kiss her.

Make sure that you brush your teeth before going out on a date with your partner. Fragrance plays a vital role in physical attachments.

8. Be passionate:

How to be a good kisser
Source: Bee Flirty

Be excited about your kiss, as if you’re happy and excited about the moment your partner would be happier and you both can enjoy it to the fullest. Allow yourself to relax and take a long breath— go with the flow and have fun!

Just entirely focus on the lips and if anything happens between that may create the diversion for you, better ignore which would help you to let your partner know that you’re wholly interested in kissing him/her.

So now, the question of how to be a good kisser will no longer stay in your mind, even when it is your first time. Follow the above tips and you’ll be going to enjoy the most beautiful kiss ever.

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