“I know what I bring it to the table so don’t think I am joking when I say I am not afraid to eat it alone.”

A great aspect of being in a relationship is keeping each other happy, but you must have heard “you don’t have to bend till you break”.  Over the years, the biggest lesson I have learned is you can never love someone unless you love yourself, and I have learned this lesson the hard way.

For example, with my past relationship I was so overwhelmed with the idea of love that I literally bend till I was broke. I kept making compromises and initially was happy about it because I have heard that making compromises is what you do in a relationship and I thought I was doing it right.

girls who change themselves for guys
Simone Becchetti

While with all the sacrifices I somehow managed to be the ideal girlfriend, I lost all sense of myself and there is nothing worse than losing yourself. The worst part was even with all the sacrifices I made I was still not good enough.


Obviously, the relationship didn’t last, as you might have figured out. The guy went out of the door, so did my self-confidence. I reached a phase where I thought I was never good enough; I was sulking for months and losing my mind over why I wasn’t good enough.

And I am sure it happened to a lot of girls, and it took me months before I could even talk without breaking into tears. After crying rivers for more than over months or so, I decided to pick up the pieces and get on with my life but that my confidence was still at zero.

Now, that was a part of what happens when you change yourself for someone, but now let us discuss why you shouldn’t date a guy.


So after the messy breakup, I got a job which kept me busy for most of the hours, and eventually I was able to make it without thinking about my past. So after a year of working on myself, I gained my confidence back, and a huge turning point came in my life when I recently met a guy, my first instinct was to run away.

girls change themselves for guys

But somehow, I decided to stay and give this a chance and that was one of the best decisions of my life. He made me realize that a guy who truly loves you would love even the worst part of you and you can be your perfect self but if he isn’t the one, you will never be good enough for him.

Girls, make compromises but don’t change who you are, there is a great difference between the two, and we all know it. And if he doesn’t like what you like and ask you to change; simply ask him to leave. If he cannot respect or love you for who you are; he just isn’t worth it babe.

A guy who really appreciates you would take you for who you are; no filters. Be with a guy who would push you forward and motivate you to be a better person not for him but for yourself.

Be confident about what you bring to the relationship if he isn’t satisfied; he can satisfy his appetite somewhere else Remember you are a strong independent girl and you don’t want anyone who cannot fall in love with your flaws.

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