It is universally understood the fact that men love women, they do. They love their bodies and their smiles. They love making them laugh. Men love how Women walk, the way they dance, and the gracefulness with which they do the most mundane chores. But let’s face it we, women are not the easiest bunch to handle.

It may be “that time of the month” or just a normal day, women do things that annoy your boyfriends. And the sad thing is half of the time they do not even say anything.

You don’t know what you do? Well, there these unintentional things that we do that annoy them the most.

Barging in on his personal space

girlfriends do that annoy guys
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You love your “me time”, well so does your boyfriend. Men need their space to feel like a man. They may not do anything more than playing video games, or surfing porn, but for whatever reason maybe they need their space.

They need “me time” to enjoy their loved activity and feel rejuvenated. So if you see him doing something by himself, ask him if he needs any help or company, but if he says he is good, back off.


When you flirt


Men who are secure have no pangs if you are flirting with other men. In fact, when you flirt with other men, or you are having a happy conversation with someone, all he thinks is how lucky he is or how other guys would envy is.

Although, he has these happy thoughts only when you treat him above everybody else.  If you get all touchy with other men and cut him off completely, girl you are playing with his ego.


When you don’t get his passion


Men are passionate species, and their passion may be silly or useless, like bikes,  cars or fishing. Whatever their passion is they expect their girl to care about that, and they hate when girls don’t get their passion.

It annoys them so much when their girlfriends ask them to “grow up” or “you are acting like a child.”


Am I looking fat?

girlfriends do that annoy guys

This may be the most annoying thing a girl does. And let’s be real about it, it is freaking annoying! I mean are you blind? Don’t you have a mirror? And the worse is they don’t even want to know the truth, all they want to listen is “No, baby you look lovely, as always.”

It’s high time women get some new ideas to fetch compliments from their men.


When you just won’t shut up


They may not say this aloud, but Men love silence. You must have seen your boyfriend just lazing away, or staring into space. Men love peace and quiet, and when you barge in and start talking incessantly about random stuff that doesn’t even concern them, it annoys them to no end.

Remember when you walk in and start talking, and he answers in monosyllables, it might be because it is in his zone, so just let him be.


When you leave him with an erection


Girls love cuddling, and men understand that. But the problem occurs when you are all about foreplay and no real play. It is obvious that it would annoy the shit out of him.

Men love physical affection, but don’t leave them standing (pun intended). In fact, the worst part is when he complains about his blue balls, and you just brush him off saying “use your hand.”


When you interrupt him while playing

girlfriends do that annoy guys
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This is one of the traditional boyfriend-girlfriend problems. When a guy is playing on his Xbox, he doesn’t like being interrupted, particularly when his girl wants to gossip or talk about athe relationship.

Men play to win, not for recreation. So when your man his playing, it is not just a game for him, it gives him the adrenalin rush. So don’t talk to him during that time, because his reply will be “hmm… huh…Uhhh…” and inside his head, he wants to point the game weapon on your head.


Talking about your relationship with others.

girlfriends do that annoy guysrelateinstituteAll relationships have their share of ups and downs. When guys are dealing with relationship downs, they keep to themselves.

But girls, being the social butterflies we are, like to share their problems with the world. They would tweet about it, share it on their Facebook wall and call our friends and whine about it.

Of course, not all girls do it, but some do, and they should know that you are being an annoying girlfriend.


When you try to change him


What men don’t understand is why women make a pet project out of them. They are constantly trying to make him a “better man” by pushing him into stuff that he doesn’t like. If she is not pushing him to do something, she would be painting his nails or cheek in he is asleep.

Men don’t mind when their girlfriend pushes them to be a better man, but they find it annoying when they push them away from the actual person they are.

 When she gets too clingy or independent

girlfriends do that annoy guys

This is a weird fact; men don’t want their girl to be too clingy and yet they don’t her to be too independent either.

Some girls want their boys in their arms 24*7 and whereas some girls, feminists, to be more specific prefers doing everything themselves. And men don’t like both kinds. They want you to be independent but they want you to need them too.

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