Facts about Breasts that may Surprise You

Boobs are the outcome of hormonal changes in the female’s body due to the mammary glands. Breasts are surprising for those that have them and those that don’t. Turning up around puberty for women, estrogen and growth hormone causes the development of breasts, which are made up of glandular and fatty tissue.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the existence of breasts isn’t exactly a mystery- they’re more a fact of life that we all have a chance to interact with in some capacity or another. The further difference is women do have boobs in the shape of the curved half balloon, but some have boobs flat like a mattress.

However, what is surprising is how two mounds of rounded flesh could hold so many secrets and mysteries: This list is a compilation of those secrets, and we’ll bet you never knew that boobs could be so interesting. These shocking points are definitely going to surprise you.

Here are the facts about breasts range from the scientific to the downright bizarre, and many of them will actually surprise you. Several surveys and discoveries have proved the below-mentioned points. If you’ve ever wondered where you’re allowed to walk around topless, or just how big the average nipple actually is, think no further:

We’ve got a solid bunch of answers below:

1. Some women can reach orgasm through breast stimulation

Facts about Breasts that may Surprise You
Source: Medical News Today

Two highly profiled sex educators and researchers conducted an in-depth study to bolster claims that women could reach orgasm through breast stimulation alone.

Orgasms guide, reported that 1% of women in their research confessed their ability to reach orgasm through playing with their pair.

2. Breasts are more fraternal twins than identical.

Facts about Breasts that may Surprise You
Source: Healthshots

Everyone has asymmetrical and different features an arm longer than the other, a foot larger than the other, even a breast larger than the other. In a study published in the International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, the right breast was found to be on average larger in comparison with the left.

3. Breasts can weigh almost equivalent to three bricks.

Facts about Breasts that may Surprise You
Source: The Modern Man

Imagine carrying three bricks around complete full day and then sleeping with them putting on your chest. The average bra can support breasts that weigh between 0.23 kilograms and 9 kilograms, about the weight of three bricks.

4. Everyone stares at your breasts. EVERYONE, MOST OF THE TIME.

Source: Panda Gossips

According to a study where women and men were fitted with an eye-tracking device, both were found to look at a woman’s boobs instead of her face, but men do it for longer.

Some women boob-watch too, but they’re just quicker about it. Boobs catch up more attention to men rather than looking up to their faces.

5. What does your nipple type say about you?

There are different types of nipples, clinically classed as ‘normal,’ ‘flat,’ ‘puffy,’ ‘inverted’ with three grades of inversion, and ‘unilateral.’ And just like the asymmetry of boobs, your nipples may not be a matching pair.

6. Here comes the extra third nipple.

Facts about Breasts that may Surprise You
Source: Newshub

A triple nipple. Having a third nipple somewhere on the body is called polythelia. Around three percent of people have an extra nipple on their chest, according to Pathology Outline, although estimates were varying greatly by location.

The National Institute of Health’s Office of Rare Diseases estimates that approximately 200,000 people in the United States have an extra teat. It’s most of the mistaken for a mole and can appear anywhere on the body, so just snatch it out a mirror and have a good check over that.

7. Bras don’t compulsorily prevent sagging breasts:

Source: Medical News Today

Studies have proved that bras have more positive effects on neck and back alignments.

8. Extra-large breasts are just a burden on a woman body

Without a supportive bra, they may be a health hazard or huge hangings. Thin straps can dig into the nerves that run down your arm, causing numbness in the little finger and holds the control over boobs.

9. Your Boobs Change Sizes Throughout Your Life, never constant.

Source: Trip To Motherhood

All the more reason to get fitted again, ladies! It turns out boobs are as inconstant as the sea they never stay the same throughout. Not only do they have the potential to change an entire boob cup size depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, but they will also enlarge essentially during each pregnancy, and change shape as you get older. So, actually, you should hit the mall gates and buy cute bras as earlier as possible because it’s the responsible thing to do.

10. There are four kinds of Nipples.

Source: Healthline

Just in case if you wanted to know how sexy and good yours look like, We’re providing you with this sentence as an opportunity to stop what you’re doing, whether you are sitting in class or an office or the comfort of your own home, and sneak a peek.

Odds are you have one of the four main types: “normal,” a nipple which protrudes a few millimeters; flat, which don’t protrude at all in their normal state; “puffy,” which is just like flat, except the areola is slightly raised; and “inverted,” when lactation ducts cause the nipple to turn inward (which is actually quite common.)

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