Why youth is giving up on love?

Choosing not to fall in love and falling out of love are two different things. When you fall out of love, it means that you have chosen the path, but when you choose not to fall in love, it means you are choosing to keep love at bay. The later is something our generation is doing a lot apparently. Sadly, our generation would be looked up to as the generation where people gave up on love. The main reason is that people never had the real understanding of love, just a meager elucidation of it.

Here are 10 reasons why this generation has chosen to give up on love:

 Chasing after the fairytale endings:


We all have grown up seeing Disney movies, and we loved it. They have taught us so much, right?

While the movies are highly fascinating, they are extremely erroneous and ended up doing more bad than good. They have kind of created unrealistic expectations of love within us. And these expectations leave us disappointed, not confused.

When our expectations don’t meet reality, we question the integrity of our love. This makes us think maybe love isn’t worth it after all.


We haven’t learned to compromise:

Why youth is giving up on love?

Ours is a generation that doesn’t know the true meaning of compromise because we always get our way with things. So, why would we settle for anything?

This logic is good until we find ourselves in a relationship. When someone else becomes a part of our life, we are just a piece of a greater whole. And sometimes what we need is not what the relationship needs. And what it needs sometimes is for you to compromise. And at this stage, we are left with a quandary, which is not a big deal as long as you accept that compromises are the part of a relationship. But when we refuse to settle, we lose the ability to maintain a loving relationship.


Casual dating:


Dating is just a sport, a pastime among the youths today. We date not because we want to find love; we date because we think we are supposed to. And this backward logic results in countless relationships that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Every time you go out with a person you are not supposed to, you lose the chance of meeting someone right.


We are self-centric:

Why youth is giving up on love?

We all are egocentric; we all put ourselves and our needs first and foremost. Of course, it doesn’t make you a bad person; it is just the way we humans are.

This becomes a problem when our needs surpass our ability to feel empathetic. When we cannot see past our needs, our wants, and desires, the person with us feels neglected and unappreciated. This is one of the reasons why our relationship falls apart.


Commitment issues:

Why youth is giving up on love?

Today we all think relationship as some sort of a burden and think sleeping around is much convenient than being in a relationship. Today, we tend to have multiple partners, some more than others. Don’t get me wrong; sex is good, but sleeping around makes us feel hollow from within.

It begins with feeling exciting and satisfying, but over time it makes us lonelier. And we end up thinking that maybe love isn’t for us.


We think perfection is a real thing:


People, there is no such thing as perfection, sooner you understand this, sooner you find happiness. We all are looking for some Mr. /Mrs. Perfect, and we all are going to fail, and this failure is going to stick with us.

Our expectations may be unreal, but the pain would be real and painful.


We are way too goal-driven:

Why youth is giving up on love?

Firstly, I love the fact that we are all goal-driven and focus on our personal growth. Having dreams and aims are incredibly important, but so is setting the right goals. We put off love because we are doing some projects and we think love is a distraction. We don’t realize the importance of finding the right person for us.


Our idea of love:


Love is complicated; it has layers and changes things around us. It is so confusing that most individuals simply haven’t been able to get the right grasp of it.

While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it is certainly something that you should be worried about.

We all have a different understanding, but most of us seem to be completely lost.


Our lives revolve around drugs and booze:


For some odd reasons, our generation thinks drugs and booze are the best sources of gratification.

We feel happy, we go out for drinks; when we are sad we go out for drinks. When stress hits us, we turn towards alcohol and sometimes more intense substances as well. I am not blaming everyone, but drugs and alcohol have indeed become a trend amongst our generation.


We want instant result:

Why youth is giving up on love?
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We live in a culture that allows us to get instantaneous satisfaction to just about anything.

We want pizza, one call, and reach our doorsteps. We are bored; we have thousands of options for entertainment options. We get answers to our questions, within seconds.

And the problem with this instant gratification is that we don’t know how to work for stuff. And love doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some serious work that we fail to provide.


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