Generally, men are not very open about their feelings, and nature and nurture both have their contribution to that. And we have often seen women complaining that their men don’t say “I love you’ enough, and it often leaves them clueless about their true feelings. Women expect their men to be expressive just like them. However, when men are not open about their feelings, it creates confusion in the minds of women, and they end up being disappointed.

But ladies remember action speaks louder than words, so next time when in doubt keep a close eye on his actions, that will guide you along.

Just to make things simpler for you, we are here with some serious signs that will tell you he really loves you and there is nothing to worry about.

He listens AND he remembers

Does he love me?

We all love talking about ourselves, it is human nature. Although when someone bites back their tongue because they want to hear you talk and share your mind with them means they care about you. And they just don’t pretend to listen just to get it over with, but they pay attention to what you have to say and importantly remember them. If he does that, girl you have a keeper.

He holds you


When you two are walking, he doesn’t feel the need to walk ahead of you or do something medieval. He is not embarrassed about holding your hand in public. In fact, when you two-step outside he always takes your hand. He is proud to call you his girl. The gentle way in which he holds you is all the assurance you need to know that he is and will always be there for you.

He takes care of you

Does he love me?

See men are more about their actions than words. He may not text you ten times a day saying he loves you, but he will do little things for you that will show his love for you. For instance, he will offer to do the dishes when you are too tired or he would cook the day you stay late for work. Remember the small things, go a long way in a relationship.

He is protective


A man who really loves you would not think twice before calling someone out when he sees them behaving in an unpleasant manner with you. He knows you are an independent and strong woman, but he also knows that thoughtfulness is a quality associated with a true gentleman and a man with a spine. If a man loves you he would whatever it takes to protect you.

He apologizes

Does he love me?

He knows he is wrong, and he admits it and takes responsibility for his actions. In fact, he goes out of his way to do little things to ask for your forgiveness. He apologizes not just because he wants to keep you, but also because he truly is sorry for his actions and wishes to never repeat it.

He is observant


Whether a new outfit or a slight expression of distress, he is very observant of matters that concern you. He notices your reserved smile when you are sad or the engaging one when you are socializing, or the naughty one. He notices your new haircut and the way your mouth curves upward when you smile.

He gives you the importance

Does he love me?

When your man makes a plan with you, it speaks volumes about how important you are to him. They may be little or a big one, when he is making you a part of his life, it is obvious that he cares for you.

How he treats you!


When a man loves you, he would treat you like a queen. He would always keep you on your toes, surprise you with gifts, he would share his thoughts with flowers, make you breakfast in bed, or give you a massage after a long and hectic day. Love does not need to be spelled out always, something these small acts of kindness speak instead.

He makes eye contact


Eyes do a lot of talking, and they reveal so much more than the mouth would. Good eye contact signifies attention and creates an intimate bond between two individuals.

Call it mawkishly sappy, but speaking from the experience, when a man loves you he would not be afraid of his feeling and you could see it in his eyes.

He looks unobservant

Does he love me?

If you are lucky enough to find someone in your life who steals gazes when he thinks you are not looking, then know you have a special bond with him. He cares about you and he is looking for signs that you do too. It is love in its simplest form.

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