Watches loved by women

Watches are the classic fashion jewelry that goes with everything that you wear. Everyone loves to wear watches, and they are a forever-lasting accessory.

Wearing watches will always help you to stay punctual and reach everywhere on time, and it also looks aesthetic and classic on every dress that you wear.

You never need to think about the occasions because watches go with all kinds of dresses and also the occasions. A lot of women are switching to pocket watches after enjoying their classic wristwatches.

For a long time, only men used to take pocket watch around with them, but now women have also started doing the same.

Here are a few types of watches loved by women: 

Modern pocket watches loved by women: 

Watches loved by women
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There are different kinds of pocket watches available as some come with the chain, and some come in the form of a necklace.

The trend of carrying pocket watches around has become very popular, and people love to take pocket watches with them. You can purchase different colors of dials in the pocket watches. 

Skeleton watches: 

Watches loved by women
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Nowadays the watches are all about the dial and less about the bands. Various materials were used to make the dial like metal, wood, and much more.

Now, the new skeleton watches have changed the whole look of timepieces. Skeleton watches add grace and classic look both. 

Interchangeable watches: 

Watches loved by women
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There are watches that have interchangeable bands, and both the genders adore such watches because you can wear one watch with multiple types of bands.

Firstly, it is cost-effective because you can just change the band and use the watch in different ways, and secondly, it sets a fashion statement.

There are some watches that come with interchangeable dials also. You are lucky if your watch allows you to change both because then you have a variety of ways to wear one single watch. 

Floral watches: 

Source : wheretoget

Floral watches are the watches loved by women because they already adore everything floral, and when they get the same choice in watches, they just love it.

Flowers make everything perfect, and the watches with flowers on their bands look very trendy. The dials are plain and classy, whereas the belts are all floral.

Women adore such watches because they find it very girlish and amazing to wear with any plain dress. 

Women love the diversity in fashion and accessories: 

Watches loved by women
Source : popsugar

Women love variety in everything, and there are various watches available, but some are trendier than others. Ladies usually choose the more sophisticated ones like the rose gold belts and printed ones.

Nowadays, women are more into the watches, which highlights the dial more than the belts of the watches.

It can always be hard to pick one watch that you love more than the other, but always try them on your wrist before taking because it will give you an idea of how it looks on your hand.

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