Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed

People get into a relationship and lead it further according to their comforts and limitations. They share happiness, share the bed. After reaching up at a certain level, they both decide to create a platform of intimacy.

While having sex both of you should keep a few things in mind so that the whole process is equally enjoyable. Men are not the ones who get things wrong, sometimes women also make mistakes in bed.

Usually, women are considered perfect towards their every work. But your perfection is judged everywhere that includes in too. As we’re only humans, we get things wrong sometimes.

So giving the out-of-bed mistakes a miss, we are looking up at the sex mistakes that women make with her partner. Just stop doing them, and you will the best sex goddess there ever was.

Women often commit some mistakes while having sex due to shyness; maybe it’s her first time, or due to the surroundings. So we thought it’s time to inform them about the most common mistakes they make in bed!

Here are the common mistakes that women can improve those things and their love and sex life can go smoothly.

1. Do not worry too much about how you look

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
Source: Love Catalogue

Women will always be women and would want to look perfect at all times. Just don’t fuss about it, enjoy the act. There’s no one who is secretly watching you for the markings or judging you for your best performance. So just avoid these things and concentrate on pleasing your partner.

2. Skip the conversation after having sex

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
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The man has ripped off his energy after pleasing you in the bed. So let him rest for some time before you start talking. After having sex men are highly tired, and they just won’t rest, women, on the other hand, get excited and love to have a conversation, so at this point in time, she should be a little understanding and let the guy rest.

3. Playing the submissive one

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
Source: HerWay

Well, a man loving and seducing woman sounds really good but is it necessary only the men will do the wooing part during the sex? Why not women? Please, ladies, you need to come out and play outside your comfort zone now. After all, sex is an act that involves two, not only the efforts of your man.

4. Don’t hurt their strength

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If you didn’t like anything about what he did in bed or how he did during the process, don’t make him feel like he is doing it wrong. You may guide him that’s fine but don’t crush his ego while doing the same. Sex is a pretty serious thing for men too.

5. Go down, ladies!

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
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Do you like it when he goes down on you? So does he. As you love it when he goes down on you, but when he wants the same, you look for ways to escape the situation or maybe because just you are shy.

Do him a favor. For all the hard work, his best efforts that he puts in to please you in the bed, let him enjoy a good sucking session too.

6. Avoid using teeth!

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Avoid the teeth biting during the oral session. When you happily go down on him, please make sure you don’t treat it like candy, where you go from licking and chewing to biting. As a rule, don’t use your teeth.

7. Hygiene, please

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As hygiene is necessary for daily life terms, it is also important during sex. Hygiene is a must, and this goes for both men and women. Keep it clean down there.

And by clean we don’t necessarily mean, clean-shaven. Some men like their women to have hair down there. And if you have any infection, say that before. Clean without fungal, smell and most importantly it should be fresh and healthy.

8. Avoid too much drama

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
Source: TheHopeLine

Too much melodrama puts your man off and can irritate him. When a man brings you to bed and starts playing with your hair, be happy, and participate. Do not just ignore the efforts for the sake of his more attention.

9. Do not fake it

Source: Metro

You are ‘in a strange manner’ cheating him if you are faking it. Don’t think he is incapable. Let him know and give him another chance.

10. Don’t get too comfy or carefree

Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed
Source: Insider

Do not get totally relaxed about your dressing. You should wear clothes which are actually seducing and which pleases your boy.

Even if you have had sex too many times, it doesn’t mean now you don’t bother even if you are in your granny panties or wearing an old faded, torn worn-out bra. Anyways, men do notice it, and it plays a role in enhancing the sexual encounter. So, hot things up!

After improving these faults, a woman can be sexy, charming, and most pleasing to women in the eyes of his partner.

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