Chocolates better than men

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which in most cases is true, but for a smaller yet difficult problem such as men, we women turn towards chocolate.

The situation where a boyfriend cannot make you feel good, a bar of chocolate can do wonders. There is nothing like the feeling of the succulent bar of dark chocolate melting in your mouth instantly.

Be it a misty morning, a rainy day, or a sweaty afternoon, biting into gooey chocolaty goodness lifts up your spirit as no one can.

Chocolates are better than men in so many, and here’s why

Chocolate does it all:


You can chop them, bite them, grate them, mold them, and melt them, or even store it for future use as well, and they would still taste that delicious.

But can you say the same for men? I don’t think so. In fact, even stale chocolate is useful, and men cannot seem to work even in their best condition.


Chocolates provide so many options:

Chocolates better than men

There are so many flavors of chocolate that you can opt for a different one every day. Dark or sweet, nut or no nuts, big or small, black or white; you can choose according to your mood. But with men, unfortunately, this is an impossible task.


Chocolates always make you smile:


Chocolates are one of the best medicines for depression. In fact, it is a scientifically proven fact; you can check if you want. They instantly bring a bright smile to your face.

Who wouldn’t smile when something is so sweet?! While men mostly are the cause women go through depression.


Chocolates are loyal:


The most important reason to choose chocolate over men is, they would never cheat on you, or have a secret affair with your cousins or best friends.

Chocolates don’t secretly stare at other women’s boobs when you are not looking. Chocolates are your and only yours, whereas for men we cannot say that for sure.


Chocolates are always available:

Chocolates better than men

Chocolate is always there for you when you need them. They will never be out of stock. Unlike men, chocolate doesn’t take hours to reply to your text.

In fact, even if your boyfriend comes to console you, he would open his mouth only to say something stupid that would make you feel worse than before.


You don’t have to commit to chocolate:


When you are with a man, after a while, you find yourself in a relationship, but with chocolate, there are no such issues.

You don’t have to eat the same chocolate over and over again, and you can switch between the varieties daily; something that we cannot do with men. Unfortunately, right?


Chocolates are more supportive than men:


Chocolate provides the best support when you are crying. They conciliate you with their intense sweetness. Unlike men, who after so many years couldn’t figure out what they should do when women cry.


Chocolates are never irritating:

Chocolates better than men

Unlike men, who would irritate you, and annoy you to no end, chocolate will always make you happy. No chocolate in the world could ever be irritating. There one touch is enough to melt all your worries away.

Chocolates don’t hide things from you:


Unlike men, chocolates don’t hide things from you. Even better they have no secrets at all. But men and their secrets always drive you mad, and you lose your sanity waiting for them to open up.

 Chocolates don’t have demands:

Chocolates better than men

Chocolates have no demands; they are just happy to bring a smile to your face and supportive. Whereas men, they are always with their never-ending lists of demands.


Chocolates don’t meddle:


Chocolates do not cross their boundaries; they know their limits. They give you space. Unlike your boyfriend who always has his nose up in your business.


Chocolates are not mean:

Chocolates better than men

Chocolate won’t compare you to other women. They will never make fun of your shortcoming and be mean to you.  Chocolate gives nothing but immense pleasure.

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