Never do these things in front of Boyfriend

Being in a relationship, you become a critical part of each other’s lives, and you are involved basically in every aspect of your partner’s life. But there are some things that we men and women need to keep it to ourselves.

Not that there is anything wrong about being completely open about yourself, but keeping your questionable habits to yourselves is a way to show your partner respect.

No matter, how close, open, and comfortable your relationship is, there are certain things that you should keep to yourself. Take a note on the following list of the things you should never do in front of your boyfriend.


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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Popping a pimple is one of the grossest habits in general. Doing in front of him is a complete no.

You can never be comfortable enough to pop pimples in front of each other or even worse popping pimples of each other using the excuse; I can’t reach that place. This habit is just unhygienic and gross.


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Eating off the floor is something we all have done one or the other time in our life, but nobody advertises it. So you don’t have to talk about this skill with your boyfriend. He must have done it too, but you don’t have to share when and where you decided to put bacteria in your mouth.


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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Why people think sharing a toothbrush is romantic is beyond me. Your mouth is full of bacteria, and you just shared your bacteria with your partner, this is not romantic; rather this is disgusting.

What if one of you catches some mouth disease or something? Would it still be romantic?  And what next? Are you going to share toilet papers too? Yuck.


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We all read our boyfriend’s text messages and those who deny it are lying. It’s natural, but you don’t have to do it in front of him.

Keep your spy business undercover. Tiptoeing around him is only going to make you seem more guilty.


things you should never do in front of your boyfriend
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Spilling beans on your beans about a friend is totally unacceptable, no matter how many of your deepest darkest secrets you share with him.

He doesn’t need to know about what is going on in your friend’s life. Remember he is dating you not your friend. Besides that, it says a lot about you as a person too.


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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You may dislike his mother, and she may dislike you, she may have insulted you more than once in front of your boyfriend, or she may not include you in the family gathering, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk bad about his mother.

Boys share a very special bond with their mothers. To make things a little easy on him and don’t bash about his mother at least in front of him.


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It is good that you are beautiful, sexy, and wanted even after having a boyfriend and it may seem like a cause for celebration for you but note that your boyfriend may not feel like celebrating this.

Boys are protective of their girlfriends and to know that guys are flirting with you is only going to make him insecure.


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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You are his girlfriend, not one of his homeboys, so you just can’t burp out loud. No matter how comfortable you get with each other, you should always keep your habits in check.

Besides, it is not very ladylike to burp. And next time when you feel a burp coming, just cover your mouth, turn your head around, and don’t forget to say “excuse me.”


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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This is the thing where you should draw the absolute line of personal boundaries. You don’t have to tell him about your yeast infections or urinary tract infections or any other lady issues you face.

The same goes for him about is hemorrhoids or IBS. Keep your personal hygiene details to yourself.


Never do these things in front of Boyfriend
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Picking your nose is gross as it is and to do it in front of your boyfriend is just yuck. And here picking your nose does not mean swiping your hand across your nostril to relieve yourself from bogger.

We are talking about putting your hands into your nose and digging for bogger. You can do all the picking in your alone time. Even when your boyfriend says he doesn’t care, believe me, he does.

Here ends the list of things you should never do in front of your boyfriend. It’s not just the boys, sometimes girls also have gross habits that can creep their boyfriends.

So if you have been doing the above things in front of your man, then it’s high time that you bring a significant change in your habits. And it’s always good to keep a little mystery in the relationship.

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