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So how long are you going to stick to your boring bed? Isn’t it time to spice things up or even better let’s make things spicy adventurous today, shall we?

Spontaneous naughtiness is always great, especially when it is dangerous and forbidden. Having said that, it sure has its hitches as some of the bending and stuff could be really uncomfortable. So naturally, first you need to find what sex positions are good for the car, don’t worry there are plenty.  Car sex is a savior for the people who live with their families or people who live with a roommate where privacy is considered a luxury. So keeping the spontaneity and your privacy in mind we have created 10 ways to make love in a car guide for you that will tell you all you need to know about car sex. Okay then, let’s get started, now

Prepare yourself:

car sex

Just because you are looking for spontaneous sex, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be prepared. Call me a control freak, but it is better to have an organized spontaneity. Like if you already expected something sexy is going to happen, you can circumvent the embarrassing situations that may occur.

When I say organized, I mean ‘self-prepared’. Preparing yourself for the fun and excitement would help you feel relax, especially if this is your first try.

 Your Location:


Yes, it is public sex, but that doesn’t mean you have to invite the audience! There is nothing more embarrassing than getting caught while ‘doing it’ in the car. Trust me nobody is going to tag you with cool names such as ‘rebel’ you will be called a straight-up slut. Besides, isn’t it illegal? Yup, unless your car is in your garage, it is in a public space, and having sex in a public place is illegal.

See, the main idea here is to enjoy the spontaneity of the car sex and share the thrill with your partner. You guys need a place where you don’t have to worry about getting caught. Some people think parking under a lamp post or in front of a stranger’s house is a good idea. Are you guys crazy or something?

Find a murky spot to a park where you are sure you will not be seen, and if possible at night when fewer people are lurking around, so you can focus on your task at hand and more importantly enjoy it.

Both of you relax!:

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If it is your first time, it is natural that you might feel nervous and cautious. So to get rid of the awkward silence and play some soft music that will ease you both. Just make sure to keep the volume low, you are not having a concert here. Preferably pick a tune with unsexy lyrics that will distract you from the tension. Getting your car into the right temperature also helps. If it’s wintertime, switch on the heater, later you could have a steamy window. Remember that scene with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winston in Titanic? Yes, something like that.  Sexy!

 Take the party to the backseat:


If you want full sex, you are going to need all the space you can get, thus the backseat. You will have enough space to juggle around with different sex positions. For example, the girl on top then you will need to push the front seat forward, so she has enough space to sit comfortably on you. This is one of the positions that give you adequate space for movement. Oh and if you think missionary isn’t possible in the car, dead wrong just wraps your legs around him or put your legs on the front seat, and you are good to go.

Outside the car:

Car sex

 Car sex doesn’t imply that you have to be inside the car all the time. You can try the hood of the car. Having said that, make sure you are at a private location as we discussed above. You can have a little foreplay outside, or you can actually ‘do it’ on the hood, whatever you want. Plus you will also get some fresh air.



I know I talked about spontaneity and adventure, but you don’t want to die having sex, do you?

Well, nobody does, I guess. So in this little adventure, yours and your partner’s safety is the key. See, when you are distracted by something so amazing, you will not be able to keep an eye on the outside. So be sorted before you actually get started. I get it you want privacy but don’t park somewhere you would roll off a cliff or get cut by other vehicles. Pull the handbrake firmly and adjust your seat before starting.

 Keep it clean:

Car sex

No, I am not talking about sex. I am referring to the place where you will be having sex. Front or back, wherever you are going to do it, make sure that the place is clean. I mean you don’t want chip crumbs in pinching you in your buttocks or worse, pins. Whoever is the owner of the car, clean it before you do it.

Oral sex while driving:


If getting oral sex while driving is your fantasy, then let it remain a fantasy. Giving oral sex while driving is extremely dangerous.  Obviously, it is going to distract him and will probably smash the car somewhere. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy oral sex on your drive.  You can, and it will be great (and safe)!  Just park the vehicle first.

 Get Kinky:


Cars have a great BDSM accessory- seatbelts my friends! Have him sit in the passenger seat and click the belt into place. Lift his hand and tie them up. Go all the way girl and blindfold him to restrict his sight and have your sinful way with him.

You don’t have to have complete sex:

Car sex

Car sex can also be exciting when you use the car as a foreplay area and take the real action upstairs. Let’s be real, there isn’t much space in it. Keep it all front feels, which is much naughtier, and it will drive your partner crazy (in a way you want) because it less thought out. Enjoy the passionate kissing and feeling each other up. In short, keep it to oral sex. Plus, it will make sure one is always on the lookout. It is sexier to know that the fun doesn’t end in the car and there is more to come.

 Just because you had one bad experience doesn’t give up on car sex, they are fun and thrilling. Just remember to be smart, safe, and kindly don’t let others witness a public porn exhibit.

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