Kiss is a measure of a person’s closeness as well as the levels of feeling that he/she tends to have to his partners. However,  apart from being one of the signs of love, kissing is good for your health.

It is known to contain some health benefits and hence is beneficial for your body.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why you should kiss more frequently.

1. It helps in relieving numerous physical pains.

Source: Physio Balance & Sports Performance

Kissing has been known to increase the limit at which the pain receptors are emitted in the body and then also cause the release of endorphins which are known to stop inhibit the pain pathway and hence in this way they tend to reduce the overall sensation of the pain.

Kissing has also been proven to be beneficial for people who tend to suffer from issues such as rheumatism as well as other forms of cancer.

2. They are known to lower the blood pressure

Source: best health magazine Canada

Kissing has been known to lower the blood pressure in the body by causing the cells in the body to dilate. Therefore they have been known to be an effective remedy for people who are suffering from issues such as hypertension and hence allows them to calm down by overall reducing the levels of stress.

3. Is Known to Improve the Health of Heart

Source: Lifeandtrendz

Kissing has been known to decrease the sympathetic tone of the heart. By doing this, it is known to reduce any sorts of physical stress which the heart encounters during any physiological stress that we are through.

Men who tend to kiss or make love regularly are known to have 45 percent fewer chances of any heart disease as compared to men who do so once in a month. Regular kissing has been associated with a reduction in the consumption of drugs such as Aspirin and Clopidogrel.

4. Has been Known to Boost Bonding

Source: Meri Saheli

Be it kissing your loved ones, or be it kissing your baby, locking lips has been associated with intimacy as well as closeness. While kissing both the women as well as men produces a compound called the oxytocin which is also called the love hormone as it helps us bond. The basic thing is that we kiss who we love, and we love who we kiss.

5. Helps Making Better Choices With Regards to Marriage

Source: Freepik

Don’t think that kissing would help you make your marriage more successful, but it would help you in choosing the right partner. When you tend to kiss anybody, your body starts sharing information with their body subconsciously. Regarding science, it is called as Major Histocompatibility Complex.

It’s important for people to bring together different genes on a single table so that their offsprings tend to have a better chance of surviving. So if kissing your partner brings or generates the flames of emotion then you might have a better chance of surviving together as husband and wife.

6. It is responsible for increasing happiness

Source: Mother Nature Network

Kissing has been known to release certain chemibcals which are called endorphins which tend to make you happy. Depression has been known to affect almost 17 billion people every year and hence try giving yourself free time as well as some happiness while kissing isn’t a bad option.

7. Is known to Burn Calories

Source: News Track English

Obviously consuming hookah won’t burn as many calories as would a mile of running would do. However, this would definitely boost up the metabolism to a rate twice than normal. Kissing is known to help you burn around 2 to 3 calories in a minute.

You don’t want to seem too desperate however the next time your two are sitting up on the couch, fill the atmosphere with some calorie-burning kisses.

8. Has Been Known to Improve Mood as well as Decrease stress

Source: Unsplash

Kissing has been known to produce some mood-elevating hormones such as serotonin as well as dopamine. Kissing has also been known to reduce oxytocin from the brain which is known to increase the bond between two partners.

This gesture or expression has been known to decrease the production of any stress hormones in between you two by preventing any sympathetic stimulation in the adrenaline gland. In research, it was found that people who tend to receive kisses before work are known to have a higher income.

9. Is known to tone the Facial Muscles

Source: Unsplash

Kissing has been known to provide you a facial workout, and you can expect each one of your 34 muscles as well as 112 postural muscles to be worked out fairly. Kissing has been known to tone the muscles of the face which as a result helps in carrying out the right expression to the people around.

It also helps in removing facial palsy while the same time is very effective in toning the muscles of the neck.

10. Lastly, it turns up the fun

Source: WomenNow

Yes, kissing is known to boost the levels of fun. According to a specialist in Kama Sutra, there are about 30 different kinds of kisses mentioned very clearly. Kissing has been known to be an important way of expressing ourselves.

With so many types of kisses available, it becomes fun to try all of them, and as we all known fun is an important ingredient in the dish happiness.

So, people out there trying to show how much your partner means to you by kissing and cuddling them more often. And yes, who knows you might be able to reduce your weight in no time. Just kidding, that’s not going to happen with this act of love.


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