It doesn’t matter if he dumped you or you did, seeing your ex-boyfriend with someone new is always jolting. Even when you know the breakup was bound to happen, and you are better off without him, you still can’t help but wonder what they have been up to, more importantly, whether they have moved on or not.

When you hear that your ex is going out with someone new, it raises so many questions in your mind. You may feel angry, disappointed, and overwhelmingly jealous but remember you have lost your entire claim over him. Fortunately, it is possible to calm your jealousy and move on in a mature way.

So here are 10 things to overcome jealousy when you see your ex with someone new:


overcome jealousy seeing your ex with someone
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When you find out that your ex has already moved on, it stirs something inside you. Whether it is anger, jealousy, or hurt, you need to stay calm and not let yourself be bewildered. Remember that it is all in your head the anger, the pain, it is not real. You need to stay calm and oriented and not let it take the best of you.


how to cope with your ex dating someone new
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Even if you are still friends with your ex, when he moves on and starts dating, your whole relationship is going to change. And it will hurt you seeing him with someone new. To protect yourself from the hurt and hang out with your other friends. Try to avoid them as much as possible, don’t talk to them or about them. When you think less about your ex and his new girlfriend, you will recover faster. So keep socializing with different groups of people.


overcome jealousy seeing your ex with someone
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Women have the habit of comparing themselves to other women, particularly women of their competition. But you need to know that you have broken up with him so, his new girlfriend is not your competition anyways. Besides, comparing yourself to her is not going to help you. You are just going to mess yourself, either way, he is with her, there is nothing you can do about it.


how to cope with your ex dating someone new
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It is hard not to think about something that hurts you, but you need to divert your mind. Try to keep yourself busy; it will help you keep your mind off your ex-boyfriend. Find your distraction whether it is work, reading books, or joining some new physical activities, or anything that works for you.

When your mind is already occupied, you will not have time to think about your ex. So find what distracts you the best and keep yourself busy with it until it doesn’t hurt you anymore.


overcome jealousy seeing your ex with someone
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Trying to get your ex-boyfriend back especially when you see them with someone new is the worse. Don’t let your jealousy overcome your senses. It is complicated to get your ex back as it is but when he is already with someone, it is only going to make things worse. Be sensible; don’t try to wreck their relationship.


Overcoming jealousy by seeing your ex
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Just because your ex has moved on doesn’t mean you have to move on too. A break-up isn’t a race to know who moves on first. Take your time to get over your relationship. Every person takes different time in surviving a breakup. You should completely focus on yourself and take as much time as you need to recover.


how to cope with your ex dating someone new
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This is not for your ex-boyfriend to realize what he has lost or not to show the world that you are better than his new girlfriend. Look good for yourself, do it because you deserve it. Get a makeover, show the world the best you can be and the newfound self-confidence will surely help you overcome your jealousy.


overcome jealousy seeing your ex with someone
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When you cross paths with your ex and his new girlfriend, and you are all by yourself, try to be calm and self-contained. No one expects you to treat them like they are your buddy but it is important to be polite. Be prepared with an exit excuse like ‘it was nice to meet you, see you around’ or something like that.


how to cope with your ex dating someone new
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Thinking about why you are jealous will put you in a vulnerable situation.  It is easy to confuse your anger and jealousy as meaning that you still love them and want them back. On top of that, obsessing over their new partner is only going to make things worse. Overthinking about them is going to trap you in unwanted thoughts, fear, pain, anxiety, etc.


Overcoming jealousy by seeing your ex
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Don’t date because you saw your ex-boyfriend with a new girl and now you want to get back at him. Do it for yourself, because you know you deserve someone, someone better than your ex. Ask out a guy, let your friends know that you are now ready to get back out there. If you can keep yourself connected and move on with your life, people are surely going to admire you.

When you go through a breakup, it is disturbing. After that seeing your ex with someone new brings out a flood of traumatizing emotions. Instead, you focusing on your ex’s life try to focus on your life, it is important that you treat yourself with kindness and tranquility and discover your lost self-confidence.

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