Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner

Has it ever happened to you that you dated a guy/girl for seven years, then when you realized that you got off on the wrong foot with the person? Do you feel that being in a relationship is nothing but much of a complication? If you are a pessimistic lover, then your answers would be yes to the above questions.

But actually, it is true that once people initiate a relationship, then everything seems divine, but the moment when the two commit to being in a live-in relationship, then the bond between the two turns sour. Some people might not agree with me, but in most cases, the live-in relationship turns out to be a reality check for the couple.

People take this crucial decision of sharing the roof only when they are extremely serious about the relationship, and they see it leading somewhere special. There are pros and cons to everything, so does live-in relationship has few. Sharing life after marriage is an obligation, but when you decide to move in with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then only you understand to live the reality.

Here are 10 such things that you realize once you start living with your loved one:

1. You are not a free bird

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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Your neck is tied with the rope which is being controlled by your partner. You are supposed to listen and follow the commands of your authority. You realize that living together is the biggest mistake that you have committed. You start feeling homesick when you realize that this live-in test is not going to be successful.

2. Your partner’s real colors would be exposed to you

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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During your dating days, the guy/girl must have been popular in college, but in reality, he/she is just a boring toy. The person might have kept you in mystery and not revealed his/her behavior because he/she thought it might cut off his/her chances of impressing you.

So, once you get in touch with him/her in person, your eyes are wide open, and you can see right through him/her

3. Shopping and cooking would become your leisure time activities

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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Your idle hours are no longer occupied by your friends’ parties or some chilling out with your buddies; it is spent with your partner. You might reserve the weekends for cooking fun or for spending pennies on the lavish brand stores in the malls. Your free time does not seem like a time pass for you anymore.

4. Conflicts become a part of your schedule

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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You might not like your partner’s habit of breaking into your room through the window, or you might be disgusted with your partner’s unhygienic manners. If you don’t learn to adjust, then definitely you would indulge in fights with your partner for these petty issues.

You would be reluctant to do what your partner says, and he/she would be stubborn, such differences can lead to some grave problems in your relationship.

5. Manage household expenses

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You are not residing together to take pleasure in your budding romance, but you have to experience how it feels like to be the breadwinner of the house. You both have to shop for grocery items, clothes, and other household stuff to settle in. So, for that, you have to be feasibly sound.

6. Not enough time left for the partner

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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When you are in a live-in relationship, then you do live together, but actually don’t have time to devote to the relationship. Since you both are out for your respective works, and you don’t make plans to meet outside just the way you used to do when you were apart from each other. You can’t spare some valuable time for your partner.

7. Your personal space would be gone

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Once you share daily life with your partner, the priorities change. You lose the bachelor/bachelorette liberty that you had. You can’t hide your cell phone chats or talk to your friends in private when you are in the same room.

You never know which of your silly acts snatches away your dear freedom from you. It is like being imprisoned in the cell with your best prisoner.

8. Cuddles shower

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
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When you are under one shelter with the person you love the most, then there is a lot of cuddling and pampering between you two. You are out for college or job the whole day, and when you see the face of your partner at the end of the day, then a smile of contentment can be seen on your face.

You develop this habit of posseting your partner and he/she also does that same in return.

9. It is like a pre-wedding honeymoon

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It gives you an opportunity to live in a husband-wife relationship. Away from your parents, you are living with someone you think is perfect for you, so you get the much-needed time that wanted to spend with him/her. It is actually a treat for you because you can also sleep with the guy/girl before your wedding.

10. You realize whether you two are made for each other or not

Things You Realize When You Start Living In With Your Partner
Source: Time Magazine

Once you are acquainted with the true colors of your partner, then you get an idea of how your relationship might turn in the future. This phase of your life will teach you a lesson about love that lasts with you forever. You will figure out the result of your relationship and what you must do with it.

Do you think the person would grow old with you or he/she is just using you for some purpose? You must find it out on your own before it is too late.

Think twice before you take a step! Live-in relationships sometimes bring two lovers even closer and at times it leads to the failure of the bond. You might end up ruining the thing that you had for each other if you don’t clear the air between you two. Rocky relationships are likely to fall out.

The agony that break-up leaves is unbearable because you had spent so many months or years together in one house, and the departure comes like a thunderclap. So, if you can’t tackle the after-effects of the breakup, then you must not dare to be in one.

Don’t be gullible and agree to stay with any of your partner who is with you for a fling, you must move in with someone whom you trust like anything. Don’t be a victim of a relationship, be the witness of a happy union.

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