things that can deepen your physical intimacy

Intimacy can make a deeper connection with your partner. Whether you are a man or a woman, intimacy can be an opportunity to increase your love and affection for your partner. When you start getting intimate with your partner, it can seem like a perfect relationship that is full of romance.

Here are 10 things that can deepen your physical intimacy with your partner:

1. Go out on dates

things that can deepen your physical intimacy
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When you are in a long-term relationship, it is important to spend time as a couple. You can take them out on a date with you, or you can cook fancy dinner at home or take them for a long walk. Spending time alone with each other helps you in coming more close to each other.

2. Affection

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Show more love to your partner. Try finding out the little things that your partner needs or the things that will make your partner happy. Gentle touching, holding hands, leaving notes for them, you can show them affection in any form. Be more kind and caring towards them. Keep surprising them to bring a smile on their face. Breeding affection builds a foundation of love.

3. Eye contact

things that can deepen your physical intimacy
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Eye contact is vital if you want to deepen your intimate relationship. Eye contact shows love, and emotional openness and increases our feelings of being loved and understood by another person. Your partner might find the eye contact very romantic and intimate.

4. Be emotionally available

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Be emotionally available to them as it is an important part of developing your close relation. Be honest with your partner as intimacy doesn’t stand a chance if you don’t help or comfort your partner. Being emotionally available makes your partner think that their feelings are important to you and that you value them. It also creates a stronger bond.

5. Engage in activities that bring you close

things that can deepen your physical intimacy
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Start doing something together which keeps both of you physically close like go for a movie together, bike rides, swimming together or anything else that keeps two people cozy with each other. You can cook together or make the good out of everything so that you get to spend most of your time with them. It will not only make you bond stronger but will also deepen your physical intimacy.

6. Talk

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As a couple, start having conversations with each other. Talk about how you can deal with the new and unexpected situations as a team which will bring you closer together. Flirt with them, laugh with them make them feel good about themselves. Talk about your pain when you are together, it will bring you closer emotionally, sexually and beyond. The more you talk, the closer you get. Reveal yourself without hesitation.

7. Be supportive

things that can deepen your physical intimacy
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Supply your partner with all the support they need. Accept and encourage whatever your partner wants to do. Yes, you can tell them your opinions if you feel something is not right. Accept their hopes, dreams and feelings as acceptance go hand in hand with encouraging your partner to share the most intimate details. Make them feel confident and appreciate every little thing about them. Accepting everything doesn’t mean accepting the wrongs, just accept what you believe is right and healthy for them.

8. Massage

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Giving massage is always a good idea. Give your partner a relaxing massage after their long tiring day. Giving massages can ignite your intimacy level and create a deeper intimate connection.

9. Always say Thank You

things that can deepen your physical intimacy
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Always express your gratitude towards your partner. Saying thank you can heal a lot and make your intimate relationship smoother and easier. Expressing gratitude makes your partner feel good about themselves.

10. Fantasize

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If sometimes you are in a different city, always call or video chat your partner. Talk about intimacy goals about the time you will be together. Fantasize about you two having a perfect relationship. Create stories and share it with your partner. It will make them feel special. Fantasizing about how things can go between you and your partner will make them feel more curious about seeing you again.

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