Signs Your Girlfriend Needs Your Money, Not You

Is she in it for love or money? Here are signs that will help you get the answer

A fair and honest statement: Everyone loves money. Money is important. There is no point denying this, and because of this reality, unfortunately, many times people forget about the moral and ethical boundaries when it comes to money.

If you’re someone who is well off, the chances are that they are there for you because of your money. People set traps in which the gullible are lured into. One such trap is a fake relationship.

It is very easy to get lured by the sweet promises and to get caught into a utopian vision as a result of which you cannot see what is happening in front of you. Often young men tend to get lured by women by such traps, and before they realize what is happening, it is too late.

So how does one know if you’re being conned or is it a real deal? Here are 10 telltale signs that you should look out for.

1. The same old stories

Signs Your Girlfriend Needs Your Money, Not You
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She seems to have the same problem over and over again. She doesn’t have enough money to buy herself something; she doesn’t have enough money for transport or a doctor’s appointment.

These things just keep happening to her. It’s bizarre! No, it isn’t. You’re just being stifled by her.

2. She always seems to forget her wallet

Signs Your Girlfriend Needs Your Money, Not You
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She’ll call you from a fancy restaurant or high-end salon telling you how she did a silly thing and forgot her wallet at home.

This always just seems to happen when she’s about to go to fancy places. Either she has a really pathetic memory, or you’re just being taken granted for. My money is on the latter.

3. Her never-ending “urgent” need for money

Signs Your Girlfriend Needs Your Money, Not You
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She’ll ask you for money regarding a certain “emergency.” Her friend had an accident; her dog needs surgery, and she’ll keep calling you and reminding you.

In the next emergency, her story will slightly change. Now her mother, who very conveniently lives somewhere else, had an accident or she needs to go to the doctor.

The lies continue. Once you give her the money, you won’t hear from her for a while then.

4. Every day is a new occasion to celebrate aka you need to splurge

Signs Your Girlfriend Needs Your Money, Not You
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So it’s your one week anniversary, and you’re supposed to bring her an expensive, branded gift. Anything less would just not be okay. She expects materialistic things; anything emotional doesn’t hold much meaning for her.

For your next milestone, you’re expected to burn an even bigger hole in your pocket than the previous time. Oh and also you’ll never get anything store-bought and expensive in return.

5. She creates a huge scene when you deny her something

Signs she only Needs Your Money
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Say you’re walking down together after having lunch or breakfast and she spots a lovely, designer handbag, dangling from the sculptured arm of the mannequin and she looks at you and you know what that means.

But alas! You simply cannot fulfill her demand because well, money situations might be tight, or you need to save up.

But she just won’t listen. Suddenly she wouldn’t want to talk to you or claim that you do not love her or care for her just because you did not buy her that one bag. Yep, you ought to let her go, buddy, even if she looks like Scarlett Johansson.

6. She asks you to pay her “little” bills which she promises you to pay back but never does

is my girlfriend using me financially
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They might start with something small, like paying for her coffee and later her phone bills which she promises to you back for but never does.

Weeks or maybe a month later, you’d find yourself paying for a course she wanted to study which when you ask about a few weeks later she would have “stopped taking” because it just wasn’t her. LIES.

7. Nothing ever seems to be about you

Signs she only Needs Your Money
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She is never interested in knowing about you or listening to your problems. If ever you need any financial help, she’ll disappear and never come back. She never meant to invest in you emotionally so do not be surprised.

8. She never seems to pay for anything

is my girlfriend using me financially
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Let alone pay; she might not even offer to pay or even split the bill for that matter if you’re out dining somewhere. This is just her version of thee dine and dash scheme. Try it, ask her to pay the bill for once, and see if she pays or just gets offended.

9. She seems to have no ambitions

is my girlfriend using me financially
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Now, this is something to really look out for; whether or not she is ambitious. Her “ambition” just might be to get money out of you. A woman with career ambitions would never become dependent on anyone.

She would value her time and others too. Her sole motivation in life would be to make something of herself, unlike a gold digger whose only purpose in life is to find a rich man.

10. She never introduces you to friends or family

Signs she only Needs Your Money
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She’ll talk all about her friends in need and of family members requiring financial help however you never get to meet any of these said people.

That is because they were made up, just like their problems. If you were important enough for her, you’d be a part of her social life too. So get out quickly of this toxic relationship.

Finding a special someone and falling in love sure sounds amazing but it shouldn’t come at a cost. A relationship should be based on mutual trust, respect, and love not money.

So don’t feel bad about ending a relationship or choose to stay in a toxic one just because you are scared.

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